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Prince had many musical associates (band members, collaborators, and protegees) during his career.

Artist Occupation Affiliation Years affiliated Other Notes
Andy Allo Singer/songwriter New Power Generation guitarist[citation needed] 2011-2012[citation needed] Prince collaborated on 3 Superconductor songs.
Apollonia Kotero vocalist Protégé 1984[citation needed] Prince wrote and produced Apollonia 6.
Michael Bland drummer New Power Generation drummer[citation needed] 1989-1996[citation needed] Contributed to 3121 and Planet Earth.
Tommy Barbarella keyboardist NPG keyboardist[citation needed] 1990-1996[citation needed]
Brownmark bassist The Revolution bassist[1] 1981-1986[citation needed] Prince produced songs on his solo albums[citation needed]
André Cymone bassist High school bandmate and Prince bassist[citation needed] 1979-1980[citation needed] Prince wrote and produced "The Dance Electric" for his 1985 album AC[citation needed]
Tevin Campbell vocalist Performed "Round and Round" on Graffiti Bridge soundtrack and provided vocals on other tracks[citation needed] 1988[citation needed] Prince wrote and produced several songs for Campbell's 1993 solo album, I'm Ready
Ingrid Chavez vocalist provided vocals on several of Prince's albums and acted in Graffiti Bridge[citation needed] 199x Prince produced a 1991 album for her, which included five songs he co-wrote.[citation needed]
Margie Cox vocalist A long-time associate, contributing to various projects for Prince and associated artists[citation needed]
Morris Day singer in a high school band with Prince and Andre Cymone[citation needed] 1970s[citation needed] Later led The Time, which had many Prince-written songs
Dez Dickerson guitarist Guitarist for the Revolution[citation needed] 1979–1983[citation needed] Dickerson was the Vice President of A&R with the CCM label Starsong Communications
Sheena Easton singer Prince contributed several songs for her on albums over the years, including the Top 10 hit "Sugar Walls", and "101" 198X-199X She duetted with Prince on the songs "U Got the Look" and "The Arms of Orion"
Candy Dulfer saxophonist Prince wrote the song "Sunday Afternoon" on her album Sax-a-Go-Go She had been an on/off member in his backing bands from 1989 until his death in 2016
Carmen Electra singer/dancer Protégé 1991-1993 Back-up dancer on tours and music videos during the early 1990s, it was then that Prince created her stage name.[citation needed]
Sheila E. drummer Band drummer[citation needed] 1987–1989[citation needed] Sheila had 3 albums produced by Prince in the 1980s.
T.C. Ellis rapper Rapped on Graffiti Bridge album and the "New Power Generation" single.[citation needed] 198x Prince produced several songs for his 1991 solo album, True Confessions
Demetrius Ross songwriter Writer and vocalist as Demetrius "Sir Jam" Ross on Graffiti Bridge. 199x Credited as co-writer on the rap version of Bambi on True Confessions
Doctor Fink Keyboardist Revolution keyboardist 1979-90 Credited as co-writer on several Prince tracks
Rosie Gaines vocalist and organist NPG member 1990-2 Prince produced a song for her 1995 solo album
Elisa Fiorillo singer Backup vocals for Batman and Graffiti Bridge. 1990 Prince and Levi Seacer, Jr. produced her album I Am in 1990, which spawned the two singles "On the Way Up" and "Oooh This I Need"
Mayte Garcia vocalist Ex-wife and former band member, providing backing vocals and stage dancing. 1990-1996 Prince produced 1995's Child of the Sun.
Clare Fischer musician Provided string arrangements for Prince's albums since 1985.[citation needed] 1985-2010[citation needed]
Cat Glover vocalist Backing vocalist and tour choreographer 1987–1989[citation needed]
Jimmy Jam keyboardist Former keyboardist for The Time 1981-1983; 1990 Formed a hit producing team with Terry Lewis
Larry Graham bassist Occasional NPG bassist and Prince's spiritual guide 19xx? Bass player for Sly and the Family Stone
Jesse Johnson guitarist Former guitarist of The Time 1981-1984; 1990 Covered a 94 East song on his Shockadelica album. Prince later wrote a song based on the album's title.[citation needed]
Morris Hayes keyboardist NPG keyboardist 1992–1999
Chaka Khan singer She provided vocals for his Newpower Soul album in 1998 and toured briefly on the Newpower Soul Tour/Festival for the album's promotion 19XX Khan's biggest hit, "I Feel for You", is a cover of a Prince song. Prince produced her 1998 album, Come 2 My House, and wrote several songs for it. Her single "Don't Talk 2 Strangers" was a cover of an unreleased Prince song.
Jill Jones Vocalist Unofficial vocalist for the Revolution on 1999 album and related videos.[citation needed] 198x? Had a self-titled album produced by Prince in 1987.
Patti LaBelle singer Has had several songs written and produced by Prince, including her 1989 hit, "Yo Mister", as well as "Love 89" and "I Hear Your Voice" ?
Eric Leeds saxophonist Saxophonist for Madhouse and the Revolution (and beyond) from 1986–1989 19xx? Has provided brass and flute for many years since. Had a 1991 album produced by Prince
Terry Lewis bassist Former bassist for The Time
Albert Magnoli film director Director of Purple Rain and "Batdance". 1984-1990
Maceo Parker saxophonist NPG saxophonist 1999-2016
Bobby "Z" Rivkin drummer Drummer for the Revolution 1979–1986 Contributed a song for The Family.
Martika singer Prince produced her second album, Martika's Kitchen, and wrote four songs for it, including the singles "Martika's Kitchen" and "Love... Thy Will Be Done", a Billboard Top Ten hit in 1992.
Levi Seacer, Jr. bassist, guitarist Collaborated on many projects with Prince 1987–1990, 1991–1993
Sonny Thompson bassist NPG bassist 1990–1996 Provided bass for the title track of 3121 and Planet Earth.
Mavis Staples singer Performed "Melody Cool" and provided vocals for several Graffiti Bridge tracks.[citation needed] 1989-92 Had two albums produced by Prince (1989 and 1992).
Wendy Melvoin guitarist Revolution guitarist 1983-1986 Formed Wendy and Lisa with Lisa Coleman
Lisa Coleman keyboardist Revolution keyboardist 1980-1986 Formed Wendy and Lisa with Wendy Melvoin
Jevetta Steele vocalist Contributed vocals to many of his tracks, both solo and as a member of The Steeles 198x Had several songs produced by Prince.
Támar vocalist Protégé, providing backing vocals on 3121 20XX Prince produced her unreleased album, Milk & Honey
Bria Valente singer Protégé and former girlfriend of Prince 2009 Prince produced her solo album Elixer as part of the Lotusflow3r 3-CD set released March 2009.
Vanity singer/actress Former girlfriend and lead singer of Vanity 6 1982-3 Prince's girl-group side project from 1982–1983[2]

Prince played keyboards in the studio for Stevie Nicks' song, "Stand Back".

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