Prince discography

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Prince discography
Prince at Coachella 001.jpg
Studio albums39
Live albums4
Compilation albums9
Video albums17
Music videos152
Special edition albums5
Posthumous albums2
Internet albums13
Madhouse albums2
New Power Generation albums3
NPG Orchestra albums1

This article includes the discography of Prince. Also included is a list of the songs and recordings he wrote and produced during his career. See also The New Power Generation, Madhouse, and 94 East discographies.

Prince released several hundred songs both under his own name and under pseudonyms and/or pen names, as well as writing songs which have been recorded by other artists. Estimates of the actual number of songs written by Prince (released and unreleased) range anywhere from 500 to well over 1,000. Prince sold over 130 million records worldwide.[1][2][3]

Prince accumulated five U.S. number-one singles and 15 worldwide #1 hits, as well as 8 worldwide number one albums. He was the most successful artist on the Billboard charts from 1980-2000, scoring 8 #1 R&B singles and 7 #1 Dance singles (tied for second place for male entertainers with Enrique Iglesias and Michael Jackson). He scored over 50 top 40 hits around the world since 1979. His most commercial period was from 1982's 1999 to 1996's Emancipation, though he maintained a loyal audience since and experienced a commercial resurgence with 2004's Musicology, paving the way for several successful albums to follow including his final, Hit n Run Phase Two, released in December 2015.


Singles and extended plays[edit]

Productions, guest appearances, etc.[edit]

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1983 "When You Were Mine" Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual
1986 "Manic Monday" The Bangles Different Light
1988 "Sticky Wicked" Chaka Khan CK
1989 "Love Song" Madonna Like a Prayer
"Love 89", "Yo Mister" Patti LaBelle Be Yourself
1991 "I Hear Your Voice" Burnin'
1991 "Love...Thy Will Be Done" Martika Martika's Kitchen
1991 "U" Paula Abdul Spellbound
1992 (whole album) Loïs Lane Precious
1993 "Why Should I Love You?" Kate Bush The Red Shoes
1998 (whole album) Chaka Khan Come 2 My House
(whole album) Graham Central Station GCS 2000
1999 "Providence" Ani Difranco To the Teeth
2001 "Waiting Room" No Doubt Rock Steady
2005 "So What the Fuss" Stevie Wonder, En Vogue A Time to Love
2013 "Give Em What They Love" Janelle Monáe The Electric Lady



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