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Prince or King of Qi (Chinese: 齊王) may refer to:

Zhou dynasty[edit]

King of Qi state

Han dynasty[edit]

  • Han Xin, (203 BC – 202 BC) a military commander served under Liu Bang.
  • Liu Fei, (202 BC – 189 BC), eldest son of Emperor Gaozu of Han.
  • Liu Xiang, (189 BC –179 BC) a key figure during the Lü Clan Disturbance.

Wei and Jin dynasties[edit]

  • Cao Fang, demoted to Prince of Qi after losing Emperor title.
  • Sima You, second son of Sima Zhao.
  • Sima Jiong, one of the princes in War of the Eight Princes.

Southern and Northern Dynasties[edit]

Sui dynasty[edit]

Tang dynasty[edit]

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period[edit]

Song dynasty[edit]

Yuan dynasty[edit]

Ming dynasty[edit]

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