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Prince of Wales tea blend is a blend of black teas producing a mild but full-bodied cup with a bright liquor and strong aroma. Typically served in the afternoon with scones in Britain,[citation needed] the blend was originally devised for Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII. The strong earthy scent of Edward's tea reportedly came from high grade Keemun tea from China's Anhui Province blended with other Chinese black teas in order to produce a complex flavor.

Prince Edward first granted Twinings permission to sell his personal blend using his royal title in 1921. Although Twinings of London has largely withdrawn its Prince of Wales tea from the United Kingdom market, it is still offered abroad according to Twinings's official regional websites. On its American packaging Twinings stated that

Prince of Wales is a pure China black tea sourced from regions including the Yunnan province and other southern regions of China. This blend is light in color and has a smooth and mild taste, with a well-rounded character. Great in the late morning or in the afternoon, it is perfect with or without milk and can be sweetened to taste.[1]

As with many tea blends, such as Earl Grey and English breakfast, there is no set formula for what teas go into a Prince of Wales blend. Many are now produced. In Germany the Paul Schrader GmbH & Co. KG Bremen (founded in 1921) has offered a version since 1958 consisting of Chinese black teas and Darjeeling with a pinch of Lapsang souchong.