Prince of the Poverty Line

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Prince of the Poverty Line
Studio album by
Released22 March 1994
GenreFolk metal
ProducerKevin Ridley
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Prince of the Poverty Line
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars link

Prince of the Poverty Line is the fourth full-length studio album by British folk metal band Skyclad. It is a loose concept album about urban decay in post-Thatcherite Britain.

According to Kevin Ridley, producer and, from 1997, a full band-member, this album remains their biggest seller. Many people consider it to be the band's masterwork.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Civil War Dance" – 5:03
  2. "Cardboard City" – 5:05
  3. "Sins of Emission" – 3:33
  4. "Land of the Rising Slum" – 4:28
  5. "The One Piece Puzzle" – 5:52
  6. "A Bellyful of Emptiness" – 4:57
  7. "A Dog in the Manger" – 6:10
  8. "Gammadion Seed" – 5:26
  9. "Womb of the Worm" – 6:56
  10. "The Truth Famine" – 4:30
  11. "Brothers Beneath the Skin" (Limited edition bonus track) - 3:45

The US edition of the album contains the studio tracks from the Skyclad EP Tracks from the Wilderness as alternate bonus tracks, including the Thin Lizzy cover, "Emerald":

  1. "Emerald" – 3:34 (Gorham/Downey/Robertson/Lynott)
  2. "A Room Next Door" – 4:51
  3. "When All Else Fails" – 4:19
  • All Songs Written By Ramsey/Walkyier unless otherwise noted


  • Produced By Kevin Ridley & Skyclad
  • Engineered & Mixed By Kevin Ridley


  • Martin Walkyier: Lead Vocals
  • Steve Ramsey: Six & Twelve String Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Dave Pugh: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Cath Howell: Keyboards, Violin, Backing Vocals
  • Graeme English: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Keith Baxter: Drums
  • With-Tony Bray, Steve Chahley, Graig Dodds, Mark Dodds, Alex Martin: Additional Backing Vocals