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Princes Street Labour
Founded 1960[1]
Headquarters The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Ideology Social democracy,
Democratic socialism
Mother party New Zealand Labour Party
Princes Street - Young Labour

Princes Street Labour is a branch of the New Zealand Labour Party in Auckland.

It is part of the Auckland Central Labour Electorate Committee. It is a "special branch" under the Labour Party constitution which means that members may live outside the boundaries of Auckland Central electorate and do not have to be students. Membership is open to academics and alumni. Most members are students at the University of Auckland or Auckland University of Technology. Younger members of Princes Street Branch play a large role in Young Labour, the youth wing of the party.

The branch has been described as an "ideological powerhouse" of the Labour Party. Several members have gone on to prominent political positions including Helen Clark[2] who was prime minister from 1999 to 2008.


The executive of the Branch is elected at each Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the Labour Party Constitution. Normally, executive members are students of the University of Auckland.


Chair: Tessa Naden

Vice Chair: Bryden Lloyd

Secretary: Alana Misselbrook

Treasurer: Leonard Hong


The branch was set up by Labour activists including Jonathan Hunt in the 1960s while Norm Douglas was the member for Auckland Central.[3]

Notable members[edit]

Notable past members include:

2008 general election[edit]

Several current and former members stood for election at the 2008 New Zealand general election including:

  • Kate Sutton - Labour candidate for Epsom
  • Jordan Carter - Labour candidate for Hunua
  • Conor Roberts - Labour candidate for Rodney and campaign manager for inaugural Greater Auckland Mayor Len Brown
  • Hamish McCracken - Labour candidate for Northcote

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