Princes Town

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For the city in Ghana, see Princes Town, Ghana.
Princes Town
Corporation Princes Town Regional Corporation
Country Trinidad and Tobago
 • Official English
 • Other languages Hindustani
Time zone AST (UTC−4)
Area code(s) +1 (868)-654, 655, 656

Princes Town is a town in south Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.

Founded as the Amerindian Mission of Savana Grande, the town was renamed after the 1880 visit by Queen Victoria's grandsons, Prince Albert and Prince George (later King George V). The Princes each planted a poui tree at the Anglican church in the area, which still survives to this day. The population of the town itself is roughly estimated at 10,000.

The sugar industry that had helped to build the economy of Princes Town was closed in 2003, leaving hundreds of workers on the breadline. With the closure of the industry, there was a decline in activities in the town as well as the surrounding estates. "In the area of culture, the early East Indian families brought to Cedar Hill, an area on the outskirts of the town centre, the festival of Ramleela. Cedar Hill is generally regarded as the first village where the cultural practice began. The amphitheatre in which the festival is held ranks among the best in Trinidad for open-air theatrical performances. The lands on which the amphitheatre is located were donated to the Ramleela organisation of Cedar Hill by Usine Ste Madeleine. Every year, thousands of patrons descend on this site to take part in the celebrations.

Princes Town still remains the centre of stickfighting, which is part of the Carnival celebrations. Every year on January 20, an observance called Princes Town Day is held in the town under the auspices of the Princes Town Regional Corporation."

Princes Town is located in south-central Trinidad, east of San Fernando, west of Rio Claro and north of Moruga. Consequently, it serves as the major administrative centre for a substantial area of south Trinidad, and has developed a reputation as a major shopping town for the southern region. Princes Town is also known for the famous Ali family, who set up many established "doubles" institutes, a famed local delicacy.

The town of Princes Town is one of the 36 seats that are contested for the General Elections in Trinidad and Tobago. The Current Member of Parliament for this constituency is Ms Nela Khan elected to office in 2010. The growth of the town has since caused it to be one of the constituencies that were split in 2007 to make 41 constituencies for the next General Election. Princes Town is also the seat of government for the Princes Town Regional Corporation (local elections), and was formerly the seat of the County of Victoria.

One of the schools in the area is St. Stephen's College, which is administered jointly by the Ministry of Education and the Anglican Board. The school was started in the late 50's and was known then as Bishop Anstey. St. Stephen's College has the distinction of having an Amphi-theatre style Auditorium, which is fringed at the rear by the main school block in a semi circle fashion.

Painter Amy Leong Pang was born in Princes Town.

The Poui Tree Prince Albert planted in 1880

Major landmarks include the Yolande Pompey Recreation Ground.

Coordinates: 10°16′N 61°23′W / 10.267°N 61.383°W / 10.267; -61.383