The Princes of Florence

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The Princes of Florence
Princes de Florence (jeu).
A game in progress.
Designer(s)Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich
Rio Grande Games
Players2 to 5
Setup time5–10 minutes
Playing time60–120 minutes
Random chanceMedium
Skill(s) requiredEconomic management, Strategic thought, City Building

The Princes of Florence is a German board game designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich published in 2000 by Alea in German and by Rio Grande Games in English. Players assume the roles of Florentine Princes who wish to design their own villas to allow artists to create great works of prestige. Through seven rounds, each containing an auction phase and two action phases, the Princes pay for landscaping, buildings, freedoms, and various services and bonuses. At the end of the seven rounds, whoever has the most Prestige Points wins.

An interesting strategic element is that whenever new buildings are placed in the player's villa, they may not touch other buildings, unless certain conditions are achieved first. This leads to not always being able to purchase the most advantageous buildings if they be fitted into the playing area.

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