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Princess magazine 2014 1.jpg
Cover of the January 2014 issue of Princess' published by Akita Shoten on December 6, 2013
CategoriesShōjo manga[1]
First issue1974
CompanyAkita Shoten

Princess (Japanese: プリンセス, Hepburn: Purinsesu) is a shōjo manga magazine published monthly on the 6th in Japan by Akita Shoten. It is aimed at teenage girls, and its main competitors are Lala, Bessatsu Margaret, and Betsucomi. Its sister publication is Princess Gold (プリンセスGOLD, Purinsesu Gōrudo), which branched out from the Princess magazine in 1979. Princess Gold is published 9 times a year.[2]

Manga artists and series serialized in Princess[edit]


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