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The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion is a Community Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is operated by NHS Lothian and is part of their University Hospitals Division.[1] It is situated in Chalmers Street in Edinburgh, adjacent to the Lauriston Building and formerly to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, until the infirmary moved to Little France in 2001.

The hospital opened in 1969.[2] NHS Lothian had hoped that services might have been moved to a new location by the end of 2014.[3]

The Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion specialises in treatment and care of conditions affecting the eye. The hospital contains one in-patient ward, two day wards, outpatient clinics and an acute referral clinic for emergency treatment.[1]

In 2005, Gordon Brown became the patron of a centre of excellence within the Eye Pavilion. Brown had received treatment there himself in the 1970s after suffering a detached retina of his right eye in a game of rugby.[4]


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