Princess Elizabeth Avenue

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Princess Elizabeth Avenue
Princess Elizabeth Ave.jpg
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 1.4 km (0.9 mi)
Location Edmonton
West end Kingsway (Avenue)
109 Street, 106 Avenue, 101 Street, 118 Avenue
East end 101 Street / 118 (Alberta) Avenue
Princess Elizabeth Avenue is located in Edmonton
Princess Elizabeth Avenue
Princess Elizabeth Avenue
Start/End points of Princess Elizabeth Avenue

Princess Elizabeth Avenue, is an arterial road in central Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that runs on a southwest to northeast path, cutting through the city's normal grid pattern. It skirts just to the south of Edmonton City Centre Airport, and passes Kingsway Mall and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

During the 1951 royal tour of Canada, the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Edmonton, the street was renamed in honour of Princess Elizabeth. In 1939, her father King George VI, visited Edmonton, prompting the naming of the adjacent Kingsway (Avenue).


List of neighbourhoods Kingsway runs through, in order from west to east.[1]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the west end of Princess Elizabeth Avenue.[1]

Direction Intersecting road Current intersection type Coordinates
Southwest-Northeast Kingsway (Avenue) At-grade (traffic lights) 53°33′45″N 113°30′44″W / 53.56250°N 113.51222°W / 53.56250; -113.51222 (Princess x Kingsway)
109 Street (South) At-grade Y interchange 53°33′51″N 113°30′30″W / 53.56417°N 113.50833°W / 53.56417; -113.50833 (Princess x 109)
109 Street (North) / Mall entrance At-grade (traffic lights) 53°33′55″N 113°30′20″W / 53.56528°N 113.50556°W / 53.56528; -113.50556 (Princess x 109)
106 Street (NAIT Way) At-grade (traffic lights) 53°33′59″N 113°30′11″W / 53.56639°N 113.50306°W / 53.56639; -113.50306 (Princess x 106)
103 Street At-grade 53°34′6″N 113°29′55″W / 53.56833°N 113.49861°W / 53.56833; -113.49861 (Princess x 103)
102 Street / 101 Street /
118 (Alberta) Avenue
6 exit traffic circle 53°34′12″N 113°29′40″W / 53.57000°N 113.49444°W / 53.57000; -113.49444 (Princess x 101)