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Eudoxia (Ancient Greek: Εὐδοξία, Eudoxía), Eudokia (Εὐδοκία, Eudokía, anglicized as Eudocia) or Evdokia is a feminine given name, which originally meant "good fame or judgement" or "she whose fame or judgement is good" in Greek. The Slavic forms of the name are East Slavic: Evdokiya (Russian: Евдокия), Yevdokiya (Ukrainian: Євдокія); South Slavic: Evdokija (Евдокија), Jevdokija (Јевдокија). It was mainly popular in late antiquity and during the Middle Ages, particularly in Eastern Europe. It continues to be in use today, usually in honor of various saints.[citation needed]

Eudoxia became the basis for the name Avdotia, which is a popular name for women in Russia.

Eudoxia, Eudokia and Eudocia[edit]

The names Eudoxia, Eudokia, and Eudocia are interchangeable in most cases for the Wikipedia search engine.


Byzantine royals[edit]

Non-Byzantine royals[edit]



Evdokia, one variant of the Greek name, can stand for:

Slavic variants of the Greek name[edit]

  • Avdotya, Avdotia - Russian variant of the Greek name
  • Evdokija - Serbian variant of the Greek name
  • Evdokiya - Russian and Bulgarian variant of the Greek name



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Eudoxus and Eudoxius are male versions of the name.