Princess Falls

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Princess Falls
LocationHamilton, Ontario
Coordinates43°14′44″N 79°55′46″W / 43.245453°N 79.929571°W / 43.245453; -79.929571
Total height7 m (23 ft)
Total width2 m (6.6 ft)
WatercourseLang's Creek

Princess Falls is a 7-metre ribbon/plunge waterfall found near the Chedoke Radial Trail in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1] Best viewed after a heavy rain or snow melt.[2] Also known as Lower Princess Falls.[3]

Many of the falls in west Hamilton are accessible from the Chedoke Radial Trail. It is built on what was once the route for the Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway owned by the Cataract Power Light and Traction Company (later Dominion Power and Transmission).[2] The "Five Johns", (John Cameron, John Dickenson (Canadian politician), John Morison Gibson, John Moodie, Sr. and John Sutherland), form The Cataract Power Co. Ltd. introducing electric power to Hamilton in 1898. On August 25, 1898, power was sent twenty seven miles from DeCew Falls, St. Catharines, using water from the old Welland Canal. New industries, such as the forerunners of the Steel Co. of Canada (Stelco) and Canadian Westinghouse, were attracted here by the cheaper, more efficient power. One time this Company controlled hydro power from Brantford to St. Catharines, including the Hamilton Street Railway and the area's radial lines. Back then the city's nickname was "The Electric City."[4]

Nearby attractions include the Bruce Trail, Chedoke Radial Trail, Stairway to Chedoke Golf Course, Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area and a number of other waterfalls in the area.[2]

The top of the falls is located beside Highway 403.[3]


Travel to Dundurn Street South to the base of the escarpment and get off halfway up the 326-step metal stairway, make a right onto the Chedoke Radial Trail and head westward towards the Chedoke Golf Course. There are a number of other waterfalls along this trail and they include; Scenic Falls, Mountview Falls, Westcliffe Falls, Cliffview Falls, Denlow Falls and Chedoke Falls.[5]


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