Princess Hwahyeop

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Princess Hwahyeop
Born 1733
Died 1752, aged 19
Spouse Yeongseongwi Sin Gwang-su
Father Yeongjo of Joseon
Mother Lady Seonhui
Korean name
Hangul 화협옹주
Hanja 和協翁主
Revised Romanization Hwahyeop ongju
McCune–Reischauer Hwahyǒp ongju

Princess Hwahyeop, or Princess Hwahyop (1733–1752) was the seventh daughter of King Yeongjo of the Joseon dynasty in Korea. She was born of Lady Seonhui on the 7th day of the 3rd lunar month, 1733. Her capping ceremony took place in 1743, the 19th year of King Yeongjo's reign, where she received the official title Princess Hwahyeop (meaning "harmony"). In the same year, she married Sin Gwang-su, son of the then right[clarification needed] prime minister, Sin Man.

Princess Hwahyeop died of measles on the 27th day of the 11th lunar month, 1752, at the age of 19.

Princess Hwahyeop was beautiful and devoted to her parents, but King Yeongjo was very cold towards her, probably because of his disappointment that she was not a boy.[1] Similarly disfavored by their father, Prince Sado had a special affinity for her. He was always attentive to her, and when she died, he mourned her with real sorrow,[2] composing several eulogies to her.



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