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Princess Hwawan (Hangul: 화완옹주, Hanja: 和缓翁主) (9 March 1738 - 10 June 1808) was a Joseon princess and the Ninth daughter of King Yeongjo of Joseon.


Princess Hwawan was born in 1738. She was the Ninth daughter of King Yeongjo of Joseon. Her mother was Yeongjo's concubine, Royal Noble Consort Yeong of the Lee clan. She married Ilseongwi Jeong Chidal (Hangul: 정치달, Hanja: 鄭致達) (1732-1757). They had one daughter who died at the age of two. The couple also had one adoptive son, Jeong Hugyeom (Hangul: 정후겸, Hanja: 鄭厚謙) (1749-1776). Jeong Chidal died young, leaving Princess Hwawan a widow.

Princess Hwawan did not have a good relationship with her elder brother, Crown Prince Sado (also born of Royal Noble Consort Yeong), who was jealous of her close relationship with their father (Crown Prince Sado's relationship with King Yeongjo was a rather tense one). Crown Prince Sado began to stalk Princess Hwawan, including breaking into her apartments. These would serve as part of the reason for Sado's execution by King Yeongjo in 1762.

Eventually Crown Prince Sado's son Yi San ascended the throne in 1776. He would later sent her into exile in 1778. She was allowed to return to the royal court in 1782, but was sent into permanent exile in 1784. She died in 1808, on the seventeenth day of the fifth lunar month in the eighth year of the reign of King Sunjo of Joseon, in Paju (Hangul: 파주, Hanja: 坡州).

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