Princess Johanna of Hesse and by Rhine

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Princess Johanna
Princess Johanna of Hesse and by Rhine in 1939
Born (1936-09-20)20 September 1936
Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany
Died 14 June 1939(1939-06-14) (aged 2)
Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany
Burial Rosenhöhe, Darmstadt
House Hesse-Darmstadt
Father Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse
Mother Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark
Religion Baptised in the Lutheran Church
Grand Ducal Family of
Hesse and by Rhine
Ernest Louis
Princess Elisabeth
Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus
Prince Louis
Prince Ludwig
Prince Alexander
Princess Johanna

Princess Johanna Marina Eleonore of Hesse and by Rhine (German: Prinzessin Johanna Marina Eleonore von Hessen und bei Rhein; 20 September 1936 – 14 June 1939) was the third child and only daughter of Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse, and Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark. She was orphaned at the age of fourteen months when her parents, older brothers Ludwig and Alexander and paternal grandmother Eleonore were killed in a plane crash on their way to a family wedding in London.[1] The remains of her unnamed stillborn baby brother was also found among the wreckage.

After the accident, her paternal uncle Ludwig married his bride Margaret Geddes. The couple adopted Johanna, their orphaned niece, and planned to raise her as their own daughter, but she developed meningitis and died twenty months later at the age of two and a half.[1] Her maternal grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, said later that the unconscious Johanna so closely resembled her mother at the same age that it felt like losing her daughter Cecilie all over again.[2] Following Johanna's death, she was buried with her parents and brothers at the Rosenhöhe.

Titles and styles in pretense[edit]

Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Johanna Marina Eleonore of Hesse and by Rhine (Grand Duchy of Hesse abolished in 1918)

Patrilineal descent[edit]

  1. Gilbert I, Count of the Maasgau, d. 842
  2. Gilbert II, Count of the Maasgau, 825–875
  3. Reginar, Duke of Lorraine, 850–915
  4. Reginar II, Count of Hainaut, 890–932
  5. Reginar III, Count of Hainaut, 920–973
  6. Lambert I, Count of Leuven, 950–1015
  7. Lambert II, Count of Leuven, d. 1054
  8. Henry II, Count of Leuven, 1020–1078
  9. Godfrey I, Count of Leuven, 1060–1139
  10. Godfrey II, Count of Leuven, 1187–1226
  11. Godfrey III, Count of Leuven, 1140–1190
  12. Henry I, Duke of Brabant, 1165–1235
  13. Henry II, Duke of Brabant, 1207–1248
  14. Henry I, Landgrave of Hesse, 1244–1308
  15. Otto I, Landgrave of Hesse, 1272–1328
  16. Louis the Junker of Hesse, 1305–1345
  17. Hermann II, Landgrave of Hesse, 1341–1413
  18. Louis I, Landgrave of Hesse, 1402–1458
  19. Louis II, Landgrave of Hesse, 1438–1471
  20. William II, Landgrave of Hesse, 1469–1509
  21. Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, 1504–1567
  22. George I, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1547–1596
  23. Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1577–1626
  24. George II, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1605–1661
  25. Louis VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1630–1678
  26. Ernest Louis, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1667–1739
  27. Louis VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1691–1768
  28. Louis IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, 1719–1790
  29. Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse, 1753–1830
  30. Louis II, Grand Duke of Hesse, 1777–1848
  31. Prince Charles of Hesse and by Rhine, 1809–1877
  32. Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse, 1868–1937
  33. Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse, 1906–1937
  34. Princess Johanna of Hesse and by Rhine, 1936–1939



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