Princess Margaret Range

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Princess Margaret Range
Highest point
Peak Outlook Peak
Elevation 2,210 m (7,250 ft)
Coordinates 79°44′24″N 91°24′00″W / 79.74000°N 91.40000°W / 79.74000; -91.40000
Country Canada
Territory Nunavut
Range coordinates 79°45′N 90°50′W / 79.750°N 90.833°W / 79.750; -90.833Coordinates: 79°45′N 90°50′W / 79.750°N 90.833°W / 79.750; -90.833
Parent range Arctic Cordillera

The Princess Margaret Range, also called the Princess Margaret Mountains, are a mountain range on Axel Heiberg Island in Nunavut, Canada. The range is one of the most northern ranges in the world and of the Arctic Cordillera. The highest mountain in the range is Outlook Peak at 2,210 m (7,251 ft). The range has an area of 42,865 km2 (16,550 sq mi).

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