Princess Nobuko Asaka

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Princess Fumi
HIH Asaka Nobuko.jpg
Born (1891-08-07)7 August 1891
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Died 3 November 1933(1933-11-03) (aged 42)
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Burial Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Spouse Prince Yasuhiko Asaka
Issue Princess Kikuko Asaka
Prince Takahiko Asaka
Prince Tadahito Asaka
Princess Kiyoko Asaka
Full name
Nobuko (允子?)
House Imperial House of Japan
Father Emperor Meiji
Mother Sono Sachiko
Religion Shinto

Princess Nobuko Asaka (鳩彦王妃允子内親王, Yasuhiko Ōhi Nobuko Naishinnō?), born Nobuko, Princess Fumi (富美宮允子内親王, Fumi-no-miya Nobuko Naishinnō?, 7 August 1891 – 3 November 1933), was the twelfth child and eighth daughter of Emperor Meiji of Japan and one of his consorts, Sono Sachiko.


Nobuko was born in Japan, the daughter of Emperor Meiji and Lady Sachiko. She held the childhood appellation "Fumi no miya" (Princess Fumi).

Her future husband, Prince Yasuhiko Asaka, was the eighth son of Prince Asahiko Kuni and the court lady Sugako Tsunoda. Prince Yasuhiko was also a half-brother of Prince Naruhiko Higashikuni, Prince Morimasa Nashimoto, Prince Kuninori Kaya, and Prince Kuniyoshi Kuni, the father of the future Empress Kōjun, the consort of Emperor Shōwa. On 10 March 1906, Emperor Meiji granted Prince Yasuhiko the title Asaka-no-miya and authorization to begin a new branch of the imperial family. On 6 May 1909, Prince Asaka married Princess Fumi. Prince and Princess Asaka had four children:

  1. Princess Kikuko Asaka (紀久子女王, Kikuko Joō?, 12 September 1911 – 12 February 1989); married Marquis Nabeshima Naoyasu in 1931.
  2. Prince Takahiko Asaka (孚彦王, Takahiko Ō?, 8 October 1912 – 6 May 1994); married Todo Chikako, the fifth daughter of Count Todo Takatsugu. They had 2 daughters, Fukuko and Minoko and a son Tomohiko.
  3. Prince Tadahito Asaka (正彦王, Tadahito Ō?, 5 January 1914 – 6 February 1944), renounced membership in the imperial family and created Marquis Otowa, 1936. Killed in action during the Battle of Kwajalein);
  4. Princess Kiyoko Asaka (湛子女王, Kiyoko Joō?, born 2 August 1919); married Count Ogyu Yoshiatsu. She is the last surviving grandchild of Emperor Meiji.

Nobuko died on 3 November 1933, aged 42.

Titles and styles[edit]

Styles of
Nobuko, Princess Fumi
Imperial Coat of Arms
Reference style Her Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Ma'am
  • 7 August 1891 – 6 May 1909: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Fumi
  • 6 May 1909 – 3 November 1933: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Asaka


National honours[edit]