Princess Pingyang

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This article is about the Tang Dynasty princess. For the Han Dynasty princess, see Princess Pingyang (Han Dynasty).
Princess Zhao of Pingyang
Born 598
Died 623 (aged 24–25)
Spouse Chai Shao 柴紹
Issue Chai Zhewei, Duke of Qiao 柴哲威
Chai Lingwu, Duke of Xiangyang 柴令武
Posthumous name
Zhao 昭
Father Emperor Gaozu of Tang
Mother Duchess Dou

Princess Pingyang (simplified Chinese: 平阳公主; traditional Chinese: 平陽公主; pinyin: Píngyáng Gōngzhǔ), formally Princess Zhao of Pingyang (平陽昭公主) (598 - 623) was the daughter of Emperor Gaozu of Tang (Li Yuan), the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty. She helped him to seize power and eventually take over the throne from Sui Dynasty by organizing an army of women (娘子軍), commanded by herself, in her campaign to capture the Sui capital Chang'an.