Princess Yang Kwei-Fei

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Princess Yang Kwei-Fei
Yokihi poster.jpg
Original Japanese movie poster
Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi
Produced by Masaichi Nagata
Run Run Shaw
Written by Ching Doe
Matsutaro Kawaguchi
Yoshikata Yoda
Masashige Narusawa
Music by Fumio Hayasaka
Distributed by Daiei Film/Shaw & Sons
Release date
May 3, 1955
Running time
98 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Japanese movie poster

Princess Yang Kwei-Fei (楊貴妃 Yōkihi?, a.k.a. "The Consort Yáng Guìfēi") is a 1955 Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. It was a co-production between Daiei Film and Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers Studio. It is one of Mizoguchi's two color films, the other being Tales of the Taira Clan, made the same year.

The Hong Kong co-producers, by then known as the Shaw Brothers, remade the film in 1962 as The Magnificent Concubine.


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