Principal, Cape Verde

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Village church along with its square
Village church along with its square
Principal is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 15°12′07″N 23°40′30″W / 15.202°N 23.675°W / 15.202; -23.675Coordinates: 15°12′07″N 23°40′30″W / 15.202°N 23.675°W / 15.202; -23.675
Country Cape Verde
Island Santiago
Municipality São Miguel
Civil parish São Miguel Arcanjo
Population (2010)[1]
 • Total 1,193

Principal is a settlement in the northern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. Its 2010 population was 1,193. The center of the village is the section of Hortelão. It is situated in the mountains, about 3 km north of the summit of the Serra da Malagueta and 9 km west of Calheta de São Miguel, the settlement lies next to the Natural Park. The settlement is named after Ribeira Principal, a nearby stream that is about 10-15 kilometers long and flowing predominantly northeast, the stream's etymology is the main stream (actually one of the main) of the island but not the longest. One of the endangered plants founded in the area and the valley is Echium hypertropicum.

It has a church in the main section. Nearby is a village square, where it features a mural.

In the mid to late 20th century, the village was dominated by the Rabelados, a religious community once dominant in the area. As of 2007, the area still had a Rabelados population.


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