Principality of Freedonia

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Principality of Freedonia
Flag of Freedonia
Motto: Superibimus
Location None
Official languages English
Demonym Freedonian
Organizational structure Constitutional monarchy
• Prince
John I (1997-2004)
Jlk I (2014-Present)
• Declared
Membership < 300 (1997-2004) 546 (2014-Present)
Purported currency Freedonian Dollar (based on precious metals)
ISO 3166 code [[ISO 3166-2:|]]

The Principality of Freedonia was a micronation based on libertarian principles. It was created as a "hypothetical project" by a group of teenagers in the United States in 1992. The project was formalized as a new country project in 1997, which included attempts in 2001 to lease territory in Somaliland. The attempt to lease land was rejected, and a riot ensued in response to the attempt, in which it is purported that one person died.[citation needed]

It was headed by a Texas university student named John Kyle, who uses the title Prince John and the nation started functioning in 2014 by Jlk. Mlk is the new general of FreeDonia I.[1][2] The Principality of Freedonia itself was based in Boston, Massachusetts.[3]


While the Freedonia project was active, it minted its own currency.[3] It had a number of 50 Freedonian dollar 1 oz silver coins minted.[4] It offered these coins for sale on the organization's website.[5]

Current status[edit]

The Freedonia project's website has not been updated for a number of years and its discussion forum no longer functions, email communication with the self-styled Prince does not work, and the entire project appears to be defunct. E-mail statements from the founder indicate that the project is not being actively pursued as of 2004.[4]

As of 2013, the Freedonia website is no longer available. In 2014 Jlk started a Facebook page about Freedoniajlk.


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