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The lordship, later principality of Piedmont (Italian: Piemonte, French: Piémont) was originally an appanage of the Savoyard county and as such its lords were members of the Savoy-Achaea branch of that illustrious house. The title was inherited by the elder branch of the dynasty in 1418, at about which time Savoy was elevated to ducal status and Piedmont to princely status. When the House of Savoy was given the Kingdom of Sardinia, the Savoyard's used the style of Prince of Piedmont for their heir apparent. This first came into use by Prince Victor Amadeus of Savoy.

The usage was retained when the House of Savoy became Kings of Italy, "Prince of Piedmont" becoming roughly equivalent to the British "Prince of Wales", the title bestowed to the Crown Prince.

Lords of Piedmont[edit]

Princes of Piedmont[edit]

Note: The names in bold denotes those that succeeded to the throne.
Picture Name Heir of Birth Became heir to the throne Created Prince of Piedmont Ceased to be Prince of Piedmont Death Other titles before/whilst Prince Princess of Piedmont
1586 Philippe.JPG Philip Emmanuel Charles Emmanuel I 3 April 1586 9 February 1605
Victor Amadeus, Prince of Piedmont.jpg Victor Amadeus 8 May 1587 9 February 1605
brothers death
26 July 1630
became Duke
7 October 1637 Christine Marie
Francesco Giacinto di Savoia, Duke of Savoy by an unknown artist.jpg Francis Hyacinth Victor Amadeus I 14 September 1632 7 October 1637
became Duke
4 October 1638
Victor Amadeus, Prince of Piedmont by an unknown artist.jpg Victor Amadeus Victor Amadeus II 6 May 1699 22 March 1715
The Duke of Aosta (future Carlo Emanuele III of Sardinia) with armour by an unknown artist.jpg Charles Emmanuel 27 April 1701 22 March 1715
brother's death
3 September 1730
became King
20 February 1773 Duke of Aosta Anne Christine
Polyxena Christina
Carlo Emanuele IV as Prince of Piedmont.jpg Charles Emmanuel Victor Amadeus III 24 May 1751 20 February 1773
father became King
16 October 1796
became King
6 October 1819 Marie Clotilde
Cavalleri Painting of Queen of Piedmont with sons 1832.jpg Victor Emmanuel Charles Albert 14 March 1820 27 April 1831
father became King
23 March 1849
became King
9 January 1878 Adelaide Francisca
Neurdein - Umberto I di Savoia come principe ereditario.jpg Umberto Victor Emmanuel II 14 March 1844 23 March 1849
father became King
9 January 1878
became King
29 July 1900 Margherita Maria
King Umberto II of Italy as a child.jpg Umberto Victor Emmanuel III 15 September 1904 9 May 1946
became King
18 March 1983 Marie José
Sin foto.svg Victor Emmanuel Umberto II 12 February 1937 9 May 1946
father became King
12 June 1946
Monarchy abolished


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