Principality of Wy

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Principality of Wy
Flag of Principality of Wy
Motto: Ex Municipalis Vincit
Status Current
• Prince
Paul Delprat
• Declared
15 November 2004
Prince Paul and the Serene Family in the Forest of Wy – a 2005 painting by Samuel Wade.

The Principality of Wy is an Australian micronation based in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. In 1993 the Delprat family applied to build a driveway to their house over bushland in a reserve, leading to a long-running battle with the Mosman council.[1] On 15 November 2004,[2] Paul Delprat, the principal of an art school,[3] seceded from Mosman, although not from Australia, styling himself "Prince Paul" of the Principality of Wy.[4] After 20 years of seeking planning permission, he lost his appeal in 2013;[1] the appeal cost the council AU$ 130,000 to defend.[5]

Delprat attended the first Australian conference of micronation leaders on Dangar Island in 2010,[3][6] which was sponsored by Maquarie University.[3][7][8]