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Principality of Wy
Flag of Principality of Wy
Motto: Ex Municipalis Vincit
Anthem: Wy is an Answer by Doc Neeson and Prince Paul
Status Current
Capital Wy
Official languages English
Demonym Wyze
• Prince
Paul Ashton Delprat (born 1942)
• Declared
15 November 2004
Area claimed
• Total
0.0007 km2 (0.00027 sq mi)(approx.)
Membership < 50
Purported currency Wybloon
Time zone UTC+10:00
Prince Paul and the Serene Family in the Forest of Wy – a 2005 painting by Samuel Wade.

The Principality of Wy is an Australian micronation based in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. Established in 2004[1] in response to a lengthy dispute with the local council, 'Prince Paul' Delprat also describes it as 'the Artists' Principality',[2] and the website includes selected artworks by artists connected with the principality and commentary supporting aspects of the visual arts.


In 1993 the Delprat family applied to build a driveway over their frontage, an unbuilt road near Wyargine Reserve. Eleven years later the situation had not been resolved,[3] and a ceremony was held at Mosman Town Hall on 15 November 2004, during which the secession from Mosman council was announced. Dressed in full regalia, on behalf of the principality, the prince of Wy presented the declaration of independence,[4][5] titled the Decree of Secession, to the Mayor of Mosman.[6]

Since its formation the principality has been covered by international and local news outlets, including Sky News,[7] The Daily Telegraph UK,[8] The Sydney Morning Herald,[9] The Daily Telegraph (Australia),[10] The National (Abu Dhabi)[11] and the Kuwait Times.[12]

Due to the media interest, in 2010 Prince Paul was invited by Dr. Judy Lattas,[13] of the Sociology Department of Macquarie University, to address and give a paper at a seminar[14] held on Dangar Island as part of a study on micronations. The paper[15] presented by the principality outlined the perceived value of micronations and thanked the wider Australian community for being tolerant of such independent perspectives. In May 2011, the local studies department of Mosman council released an interview with Prince Paul as part of the ‘Mosman Faces’ project.[16][17]


The principality is located in the municipality of Mosman, New South Wales, and has claimed approximately 700 square metres (7,500 sq ft) as its territory[citation needed]. An embassy for the principality is located in the suburb of Georges Heights, New South Wales. Exports include paintings, etchings and sculptures by the residents[18] and produce. The date of secession, 15 November 2004, was declared 'Wy Day.'[19]

Contribution to the arts[edit]

The principality is an active patron of art and sponsors an art prize.[20] Representatives from the principality have also been invited to open exhibitions[21][22][23] and give talks[24] in the local community and throughout the state. Art reviews and articles have appeared in art society newsletters[25] and are published on the Principality of Wy website in support of local and renowned artists.[26] Private exhibitions are held within the principality by invitation and public exhibitions are open at the embassy in Georges Heights, featuring works by new and emerging artists.

Interpretation in popular culture[edit]

Singer Doc Neeson has written original compositions about the principality.[27]

In the popular Japanese anime show, Hetalia, the Principality of Wy, along with other micronations such as Sealand, appear as personifications of their nation, along with nations like Germany, England and Russia.

Commercial activity[edit]

On 21 February 2011, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for Principality of Wy. [28] On 1 September 2010 a similar trademark registration[29] was filed in Australia by Prince Paul (Paul Delprat). The application was accepted on 6 January 2011 and on 2 June 2011 Australian Trade Mark No. 1381350 (Principality of Wy) became a registered and protected trademark.


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