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Principles of Geometry is an electronic music band from Lille, France, which consists of Guillaume Grosso and Jeremy Duval.



Singles, 12" and 7"[edit]

  • A Mountain For President EP (2007, Tigersushi)
  • Interstate Highway System (2008, Tigersushi)
  • The Effect Of Adding Another Zero (Principles Of Geometry's Distributive & Associative Part One) (2009, Tigersushi/Pandamaki Records)
  • P.O.G vs. THE EDITS EP (edits by KRIKOR, PILOOSKI & JOAKIM) (2011, Tigersushi Records)


Year Artist Title
2006 Poni Hoax L.A. Murder Motel (Letom Redrum Remix By Principles of Geometry)
2008 Poni Hoax The Symbionese Bride (Principles Of Geometry's Poni Hoax's Paper Bride)
2009 Mr. Oizo Z (Principles of Geometry's Oizo's Z)
2010 Joakim Ad Me (Principles of Geometry's Joakim's Ad Me)
2012 Chateau Marmont Wargames (Principles of Geometry's Chateau Marmont's Wargames)
2013 Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family Thank you for the radio (Principles of Geometry's Tahiti Boy's Thank you for the radio)
2013 Egyptology The Skies (Principles of Geometry's Egyptology's The Skies)
2013 Rone Let's Go - Feat. High Priest (Principles of Geometry's Rone's Let's Go)
2013 Gyrls Disruptism (Principles of Geometry's Gyrls' Disruptism)

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