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1899 Prinetti & Stucchi 4 HP
1899 tricycle
1899 tricycle

Prinetti & Stucchi, Stucchi & Co. from 1901, was an Italian maker of sewing machines, bicycles and motorized vehicles, established in Milan in 1883. It was owned by engineers and politicians Augusto Stucchi and Giulio Prinetti (1851–1908).

Cycle manufacture[edit]

In 1892 Stucchi Prinetti & Stucchi began manufacturing bicycles.

In 1914 Alfonso Calzolari rode a Stucchi to victory in the Giro d'Italia, and the 1919 Giro d'Italia was won by Costante Girardengo on a Stucchi.

Motor manufacture[edit]

In 1899 Prinetti & Stucchi started manufacturing motorized tricycles and quadricycles. The Tipo 1, a motorized tricycle utilizing two De Dion engines and a Rochet-Schneider frame, was designed by Ettore Bugatti. In 1900 Bugatti participated in the Targa Rignano in a quadricycle.

In 1901 the company was renamed Stucchi & Co. when Giulio Prinetti left to become Italian minister of foreign affairs 1901-03.[1] The reorganisation also triggered Ettore Bugatti's emigration to France where he established the Bugatti car works.

Automobile production stopped in 1906.[2]

Electrical company[edit]

The Stucchi-Prinetti family founded the Società Generale Elettrica dell'Adamello electric company in 1907.


It is the owner of the Badia a Coltibuono castle in Tuscany.

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