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Print may refer to:

  • Printing, mostly using a printing press, but a process which may also refer to other methods of printmaking
  • "Writing in print", printing, printscript or print-writing: a handwriting method using block letters, instead of cursive letters
    • Engraved letters, such as initials, on other materials, such as printed glass
  • Printmaking, various processes for producing multiple copies of works of art by printing
  • The print medium, forms of paper (or sometimes other materials) upon which letters or graphics have been died or engraved, such as books, pamphlets, scrolls and files
  • Print output, computer output on a screen or on paper
    • Printer (computing), a device to put ink on paper
    • Print screen, the name of a keyboard key for copying the contents of the screen to somewhere
    • PRINT (command), a shell command of DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows
    • PRINT, a BASIC programming language command that generates text in text modes, derived from the text printing process on teleprinter terminals before refreshing displays
  • Release print, a distribution print in film making
  • Print (magazine), a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design
  • Prints (album), a 2002 album by Fred Frith
  • Printing, allowing a concealed weapon (firearm particularly) to be visible through clothing

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