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Screenshot of Print&Share running on Windows 7
Developer(s) Winking
Initial release November 1, 2006; 9 years ago (2006-11-01)
Stable release / October 21, 2015 (2015-10-21)
Preview release (October 21, 2015; 9 months ago (2015-10-21)) [±]
Development status Active
Written in C# / C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Size < 100MB
Available in Multilingual (8)
Type virtual printer
License Proprietary

Print&Share is a shareware program developed by Winking and distributed by Ricoh Europe. It is a combination of a virtual printer and an application software for Microsoft Windows. It supports creating PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, XML, TXT, EMF, BMP files. The software can also email, fax, upload via FTP or connect to Microsoft SharePoint, DocuWare, BvL Archivio and Documind. It is also possible to enhance existing documents by adding extra content (e.g. barcodes).

The Eco version is capable of removing content and empty spaces.[1][2]


The program is translated in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Danish) and is available in different versions (Light, Professional, Corporate, Eco).[3][4]


Print&Share was introduced by Ricoh Belgium in 2009.[5] In April 2010 it got introduced by the operation company Ricoh Netherlands.[6] In 2011 the European headquarters of Ricoh made an exclusive distribution agreement with Winking.[7][8] Two months later Print&Share got launched in EMEA.[9][10]

In October 2013 Winking signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Ricoh South Africa.[11]


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