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This article is about a specific Bosnian company. For the generic concept, see print media.

Print Media is a Bosnian-based comic and graphic novel publishing company founded by Ivo Milicevic, a veteran of the Bosnian and Croatian comic industries. The company has published the science fiction anthology Plavi in Bosnia and STRIP Magazine in both Bosnia and the UK.

After publishing a number of comic titles in Bosnia, the company started operations in the UK in 2010, publishing six issues of the adventure anthology Strip Magazine for direct sale in comic shops in its first volume.

The title mixed a range of action of adventure strips with features on comic creators, modelled on European magazines with a similar format, with a nod to the weekly British comics of the past such as Valiant, Eagle and Lion.

The company's aim was always to bring STRIP Magazine to the British high street and the first news stand issue was published in April 2013,[1] with Issue 2 following in July 2013 [2] after considerable delay - a problem that beset the company's first volume. Currently, Issue 3 remains unpublished, the company citing "administrative difficulties" in September 2013 [3]

Strip Magazine: Contents[edit]

Volume 1

  • "Cosmic Patrol" by Mauricet and Jean-Louis Janssens (1-7)
  • "Black Ops Extreme" by John Freeman and PJ Holden (1-5/6)
  • "Recovery Incorporated" by Mike Penick and Dean Deckard (1-2)
  • "Warpaint" by Phil Hester and John McCrea (1-7)
  • "Hook Jaw" by Pat Mills, Ken Armstrong and Ramon Sole; remastered reprints from Action (1-5/6)
  • "Age of Heroes" by James Hudnall and John Ridgway (1-5/6)
  • "Autospy & Ape" by John Freeman and Jon Rushby (1-2)
  • Strip Challenge - readers' submissions (1-7)
  • "The Iron Moon|Iron Moon: On Her Majesty's Hush-Hush Service" by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page (1)
  • "Cold Hard Facts" by Matt Cossin and R.A. Jones; reprinted from Metal Hurlant (2)
  • "The Devil's Heritage" by Jerome Felix and Paul Gastine (3-5/6)
  • "Bogey-Man Bob" by Gerard Leever (3-7)
  • "Shimon of Samaria: Trouble in Judea" by Fred LeBerre and Michael Rouge (4-5/6)
  • "Dredger" by Pat Mills, Gerry Finley-Day and Horacio Altuna; remastered reprint from Action (7)
  • "Denizens" by Miki Horvatic and Maxim Simic (7)
  • "The Impenetrable Fortress" by Moebius (7)
  • "Kamikaze" by Miki Horvatic and Esad T. Ribic (7)
  • "Dan Barton of Space Command" by John Freeman and Andrew Chiu (7)
  • "A Thief's Christmas" by Miki Horvatic and Maxim Simic (7)
  • "Thracius the Seeker" by James Hudnall and Mark Vigouroux (7)

Volume 2

Graphic Novels[edit]

The company has also published a number graphic novels which have had very limited distribution.


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