Upper Grand District School Board

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Upper Grand District School Board
Upper Grand District School Board logo.png
500 Victoria Road North
Guelph, Ontario, N1E 6K2
Coordinates 43°34′45″N 80°15′46″W / 43.57905°N 80.26285°W / 43.57905; -80.26285Coordinates: 43°34′45″N 80°15′46″W / 43.57905°N 80.26285°W / 43.57905; -80.26285
District information
Superintendent Education (Doug Morrell, Bonnie Talbot, Brent McDonald, Gary Slater, Denise Heaslip), Finance (Glen Regier), Human resources (Jennifer Rose), Student Success (Carlo Zen), Program (Tracey Lindsayl[1])
Chair of the board Mark Bailey
Director of education Martha Rogers
Schools 65 elementary schools[2]
11 secondary schools[3]
Budget CA$388[2] million (2017-2018)
District ID B66117
Other information
Elected trustees Mark Bailey, Marty Fairbairn, Linda Busuttil, Kathryn Cooper, Barbara Lustgarten-Evoy, Martha MacNeil, Susan Moziar, Bruce Schieck, Lynn Topping, Barb White
Student trustees Caitlin Ennis, Allison Cai
Website http://www.ugdsb.ca

The Upper Grand District School Board (known as English-language Public District School Board No. 18 prior to 1999[4]) is a school board in Ontario, Canada. It spans an area of 4211 km²[5] and serves approximately 34,000 students through 65 elementary schools and 11 secondary schools in the regions of Dufferin County, Wellington County and the City of Guelph, in the region to the west and north of Toronto.

Student success is the goal of over 3,000 dedicated teaching and support staff who are aided by the contributions of caring volunteers and community partners.[6]

The board has 10 elected trustees and 2 student trustees.[7] The 2017-18 budget (Operating only) is $388,474,690.[8]

Kindergarten and Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten[edit]

Kindergarten is a two year program that includes Junior (year 1) and Senior (year 2) Kindergarten[9].[citation needed]

In September 2010, the Board began offering the full day kindergarten program in some schools as part of a province wide implementation plan. As of the 2014-2015 school year, all elementary schools offer Full Day Kindergarten (FDK). At these schools, JK and SK children attend all day every day, Monday to Friday.[10]

French as a Second Language (FSL)[edit]

The board offers two FSL programs – Core French and French Immersion.[11]

Core French is mandatory from Grades 4 to 8 for all students in English-language elementary schools. At the secondary level, students can take French as a subject from Grades 9 - 12. It is mandatory that students take one French credit for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.[citation needed]

French Immersion offers students the opportunity to acquire a high level of proficiency in French while maintaining and developing English language skills.[11] French Immersion is available in 16 elementary schools and four high schools.[12]

Secondary schools[edit]

Secondary school enrollment[13] and Fraser Institute provincial rankings[14] are as follows:

UGDSB secondary schools
Name Location Enrollment 2013-2014 rank 5-year ranking of 693
Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute Guelph 1442 29 32
Centre Dufferin District High School Shelburne 840 534 373
Centre Peel Secondary School Drayton 60 n/a n/a
Centre Wellington District High School Fergus 1221 392 338
College Heights Secondary School Guelph 548 728 687
Erin District High School Erin 620 86 301
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Guelph 1356 136 40
John F. Ross Collegiate Vocational Institute Guelph 1953 72 96
Norwell District Secondary School Palmerston 605 371 238
Orangeville District Secondary School Orangeville 1343 325 238
Wellington Heights Secondary School Mount Forest 588 575 435
Westside Secondary School Orangeville 925 471 401

Elementary schools[edit]

Wellington County Guelph Dufferin County
  • Aberfoyle Public School
  • Alma Public School
  • Arthur Public School
  • Brisbane Public School
  • Centre Peel Public School
  • Drayton Heights Public School
  • Elora Public School
  • Eramosa Public School
  • Erin Public School
  • Harris Mill Public School
  • J.D. Hogarth Public School, Fergus
  • James McQueen Public School, Fergus
  • John Black Public School, Fergus
  • Kenilworth Public School
  • Maryborough Public School, Moorefield
  • Minto-Clifford Public School, Harriston
  • Palmerston Public School
  • Ponsonby Public School
  • Rockwood Centennial Public School
  • Ross R. MacKay Public School, Hillsburgh
  • Salem Public School
  • Victoria Cross Public School, Mount Forest
  • Victoria Terrace Public School, Fergus
  • Arbour Vista Public School
  • Brant Avenue Public School
  • Central Public School
  • Edward Johnson Public School
  • Fred A. Hamilton Public School
  • Gateway Drive Public School
  • Guelph Lake Public School
  • Jean Little Public School
  • John Galt Public School
  • John McCrae Public School
  • June Avenue Public School
  • Ken Danby Public School
  • King George Public School
  • Kortright Hills Public School
  • Mitchell Woods Public School
  • Ottawa Crescent Public School
  • Paisley Road Public School
  • Priory Park Public School
  • Rickson Ridge Public School
  • Sir Isaac Brock Public School
  • Taylor Evans Public School
  • Victory Public School
  • Waverley Drive Public School
  • Westminster Woods Public School
  • Westwood Public School
  • William C. Winegard Public School
  • Willow Road Public School
  • Centennial Hylands Elementary School, Shelburne
  • Credit Meadows Elementary School, Orangeville
  • East Garafraxa Public School
  • Glenbrook Elementary School, Shelburne
  • Grand Valley and District Public School
  • Hyland Heights Elementary School, Shelburne
  • Island Lake Public School, Orangeville
  • Laurelwoods Elementary School, Orangeville
  • Mono-Amaranth Public School
  • Montgomery Village Public School, Orangeville
  • Parkinson Centennial Public School, Orangeville
  • Primrose Public School
  • Princess Elizabeth Public School, Orangeville
  • Princess Margaret Public School, Orangeville
  • Spencer Avenue Elementary School, Orangeville

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