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For other uses, see Priscilla.

Prisca (died 315) was the Empress of Rome (286–305) and wife of Emperor Diocletian. Nothing is known of her family background. Although she was a Christian or favorably disposed to Christianity, she was forced to sacrifice to the gods of the pagans during the Great Persecution of 303.[1]

When Diocletian retired to Spalatum in 305, Prisca stayed with her daughter, Galeria Valeria and son-in-law, Galerius in Thessalonica. When Galerius died in 311, Licinius was entrusted with the care of Prisca and her daughter Valeria. The two women, however, fled from Licinius to Maximinus Daia. After a short time, Valeria refused the marriage proposal of Maximinus, who arrested and confined her in Syria and confiscated her properties. At the death of Maximinus, Licinius had Prisca and her daughter killed.

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Royal titles
Preceded by
Magnia Urbica
Empress of Rome
with Magnia Urbica (284–285)
Eutropia (286–305)
Succeeded by
Galeria Valeria
(wife of Galerius)
Succeeded by
Flavia Maximiana Theodora
(wife of Constantius Chlorus)