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Priscilla N. Cohn (12/14/33 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Villanova, Pennsylvania 06/27/2019) was Emerita Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. She was the associate director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and co-editor with of the Centre's Journal of Animal Ethics. She began teaching Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College where she gained her PhD on the work of Heidegger. She has taught Philosophy for more than 35 years, and has written on animals, environmental issues, and ethical problems, as well as on contemporary philosophers and the history of philosophy, publishing in both English and Spanish.

She was made full Professor in Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University in 1982, and was made Professor Emerita at Pennsylvania State University Abington in 2001. She has pioneered courses in animal ethics and lectured on five continents. For three years, 1990-1993, she was Director of the Summer School Course in animal rights at Complutense University (Madrid) at El Escorial – which were the first courses of their kind in Spain. She also taught at the Graduate School Course on Applied Ethics at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1991. One of her books, Etica aplicada (Applied Ethics, 1981) written with José Ferrater Mora, contained the first essay on animal rights published in Spain. She had published 7 books, including: Contraception in Wildlife, Book I., edited with E. D. Plotka and U. S. Seal, in 1996 and Ethics and Wildlife in 1999, both published by The Edwin Mellen Press.Complutense University of Madrid in 1990..[1]

Her interest in wildlife were reflected in her work as the founder and director of PNC, Inc a nonprofit animal rights foundation that organised the first international conference on contraception in wildlife in the United States and initiated and funded the first PZP fertility control study on white-tailed deer. She had been a board member of The Fund for Animals and Humane USA. PAC.


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