Prislop Pass

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Prislop Pass
Prislop pass08.jpg
Elevation 1,416 m (4,646 ft)
Traversed by DN 18
Location Romania
Range Eastern Carpathians
Coordinates 47°36.5′N 24°51.3′E / 47.6083°N 24.8550°E / 47.6083; 24.8550Coordinates: 47°36.5′N 24°51.3′E / 47.6083°N 24.8550°E / 47.6083; 24.8550
Prislop Pass is located in Romania
Prislop Pass
Prislop Pass
Location of Prislop Pass

Prislop Pass (Romanian: Pasul Prislop) is a mountain pass in northern Romania, connecting the historical regions of Maramureş and Bukovina over the Rodna Mountains, in the Eastern Carpathians.

The Prislop Pass is situated at an elevation of 1,416 meters. The nearest city is Borșa.

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