Prislop Pass

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Prislop Pass
Prislop pass08.jpg
Elevation 1,416 m (4,646 ft)
Traversed by DN 18
Location Romania
Range Eastern Carpathians
Coordinates 47°36.5′N 24°51.3′E / 47.6083°N 24.8550°E / 47.6083; 24.8550Coordinates: 47°36.5′N 24°51.3′E / 47.6083°N 24.8550°E / 47.6083; 24.8550
Prislop Pass is located in Romania
Prislop Pass
Prislop Pass
Location of Prislop Pass

Prislop Pass (Romanian: Pasul Prislop) is a mountain pass in northern Romania, connecting the historical regions of Maramureş and Bukovina over the Rodna Mountains, in the Eastern Carpathians.[1]

The Prislop Pass is situated at an elevation of 1,416 meters. The nearest city is Borșa.[2][3]

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