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Prism Leisure Corporation Plc
Public limited company
Genre Publisher and distributor of DVDs and videos, CDs and cassettes, video games and toys
Fate Sold to FremantleMedia
Founded 1980s
Headquarters Enfield, Middlesex, UK
Key people
G S Young

Prism Leisure Corporation was a distribution and publishing company which primarily focused on reissues and compilations, often at low prices. The company was located in Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom,[1] and was founded in the 1980s.

The company expanded in 2002[2] by acquiring competitors[3] and became the UK’s leading wholesaler and worldwide distributor of CDs, cassettes, computer games, videos and DVDs.[2] They also handled board games and toys.[1]



Prism Leisure became a major publisher and distributor of budget home video on DVD and VHS. Titles include films such as Doomwatch, The Jigsaw Man, March or Die, The Brave Little Toaster, The Shawshank Redemption, Treasure Island and The Whistle Blower. They also released television series including Birds of a Feather.

List of studios distributed by Prism Leisure[edit]

This is a selection of companies that had their DVDs released by Prism Leisure.


The majority of Prism's musical catalogue were compilations and reissued material, including Jefferson Airplane's Feed Your Head: Live '67–'69. Several compilations by country music singer Kenny Rogers were also released and/or distributed by Prism throughout their existence, of both his solo and group material.

Video games[edit]

Prism Leisure entered the video game industry in 1987 by purchasing local Enfield company Endurance Games (who had the rights to International Karate) and Addictive Games (home of the best-selling Football Manager).[4] Further acquisitions included Paxman Promotions (a budget reissue label) as well as the rights to the back catalogue of various defunct companies. Addictive was kept on as a full price label (with releases including HotShot, The Kristal and further Football Manager games) while the Paxman Promotions name was used for compilations. Prism also became the UK publisher for the US company First Star Software and saw them release new versions of some of their games, including Superman: The Game and Boulder Dash II. Many old games were licensed for compilations with some getting individual releases.[5]

Other merchandise[edit]

Prism Leisure also distributed board games and toys.


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