Prisons We Choose to Live Inside

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Prisons We Choose to Live Inside
First edition
Author Doris Lessing
Country Canada
Language English
Publisher CBC Enterprises
Publication date
Media type Print Paperback
ISBN 0-06-039077-8
OCLC 318276776
823/.914 19
LC Class PR6023.E833 P7 1987

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside is a collection of five essays by the British writer Doris Lessing, which were previously delivered as the 1985 Massey Lectures.[1]

The Essays[edit]

The five collected essays are generally meant to be read in order though they can be read independently. The essays appear in the collection in the order that they were delivered as lectures. The titles of the essays are:

  • When In the Future They Look Back On Us
  • You Are Damned, We Are Saved
  • Switching Off to See "Dallas"
  • Group Minds
  • Laboratories of Social Change

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