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The Norwegian Correctional Service (in Norwegian: Kriminalomsorgen) is a government agency responsible for the implementation of detention and punishment in a way that is reassuring for the society and for preventing criminal acts. The agency is governed by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.[1]

The agency was created as the Prison Board (Norwegian: Fængselsstyrelsen later written Fengselsstyret) in 1875 and was subordinate to the Department of Justice and Police, headed by a director. The Prison Board was disbanded in 2002 and replaced by the Norwegian Correctional Service.


The Correctional Service is organised into a hierarchy consisting of the Correctional Services Directorate (Kriminalomsorgsdirektoratet) which is responsible for the professional and administrative management, a regional level, consisting of five regional administrations, and a local level with individual prison and probation offices.[2] In addition, the Correctional Service of Norway Staff Academy (KRUS), which has responsibility for agency training of prison officers and The Correctional IT services (KITT), which is responsible for the development, implementation and customization of Information technology systems in the agency.[3]

The regions[edit]

Correctional Services is divided into five regions.[4][5][6]

Eastern Region[edit]

Correctional Services Eastern Region includes the counties of Oslo and Østfold, Akershus, Hedmark and Oppland. The administration is in Oslo. The region has a capacity of 1,557 inmates, divided to Bredtveit Prison, Halden Prison, Ravneberget Prison, Indre Østfold Prison, Oslo Prison and Sarpsborg Prison, Ila Detention and Security Prison, Ullersmo Prison, Kongsvinger Prison, Ilseng Prison, Hamar Prison, Vestoppland Prison and Bruvoll Prison and halfway houses in the Arups gate and Sandaker in Oslo, in addition to the probation offices in Oslo, Østfold, Akershus, Hedmark and Oppland counties.

Southern Region[edit]

Correctional Service southern region includes the counties of Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark. The administration is in Tønsberg, and Regional Director Bjørn Krogsrud. Correctional Service Southern Region includes Hof Prison, Bastøy Prison, Telemark Prison, Søndre Vestfold Prison, Nordre Vestfold Prison, Sandefjord Prison, Sem Prison, Ringerike Prison, Hassel Prison, Drammen Prison and Drammen halfway house in addition to the probation offices in Buskerud, Telemark and Vestfold

Southwestern Region[edit]

Correctional Services south-western region includes the counties of Rogaland, Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder. The administration is located in Sandnes, and Regional Director is Gudmund Idsøe.

The region consists of Arendal Prison, Agder probation offices (Kristiansand, Arendal and Lyngdal), Auklend halfway house, Haugesund Prison, Kristiansand Prison, Rogaland probation offices (Stavanger and Haugesund), Sandeid Prison, Solholmen halfway house, Stavanger Prison and Åna Prison.

Western Region[edit]

Correctional Services, Western Region includes the counties of Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal. The administration is located in Bergen, Regional Director, Per Sigurd Våge.

The region consists of Bergen Prison, Vik Prison, Ålesund Prison, Hustad Prison, Bjørgvin Prison Lyderhorn halfway house, probation offices in Bergen (Hordaland), Molde, Ålesund and Kristiansund (Møre og Romsdal), Florø and Sogndal (Sogn og Fjordane). The Center for Drug Programs is under court control in Bergen.

Northern Region[edit]

Correctional Services, Northern Region includes the counties of Sør-Trøndelag, Nord-Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. The office is located in Trondheim.

The Northern Region consists of Trondheim Prison, Verdal Prison, Mosjøen Prison, Bodø Prison, Bodø halfway house,[7] Vadsø Prison and Tromsø Prison, in addition to the probation offices in Finnmark, Troms, Nordland, Nord-Trøndelag and Sør- Trøndelag.


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