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Prithviraj Road (Hindi: पृथ्वीराज मार्ग, Urdu: پرتھوی راج مارگ Pṛthvīrāj Mārg) is one of the main roads of New Delhi.

North End[edit]

It stretches from the Taj Mansingh Hotel at the junction of Mansingh Road, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road, Humayun Road, Shahjahan Road, a road to Khan Market.

South End[edit]

It stretches up to the junction of Sri Aurobindo Marg Road, Safdarjung road and Tughlaq road. This is near Safdarjung's Tomb.

Important buildings[edit]

  • Rajasthan House
  • Meghalaya House
  • Jindal House[1]
  • J&K House
  • Official Language institution, or Kendriya Hindi/ Rajbhasha Sansthan
  • L.K.Advani's house 30 Prithviraj Road
  • Cabinet Secretary's earmarked residence (32, Prithviraj Road)


  • APJ Abdul kalam Lane
  • South End Road


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This road can be traced at 28°34′12″N 77°12′47″E / 28.570050°N 77.212944°E / 28.570050; 77.212944 [1]