Private Crimes

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Private Crimes
(Delitti privati)
Delitti privati.jpg
Genre Mystery
Developed by Franco Marotta (writer)
Laura Toscano (writer)
Directed by Sergio Martino
Composer(s) Natale Massara
Country of origin  Italy
Original language(s) Italian
Executive producer(s) Pietro Innocenzi
Producer(s) Edwige Fenech
Cinematography Giancarlo Ferrando
Editor(s) Eugenio Alabiso
Original release 1993

Private Crimes (Delitti privati) is a 1993 Italian mystery mini television series directed by Sergio Martino.


The story, set in Lucca, sees the death of a businessman, Marco Pierboni, killed in the garden of his villa outside the city, even if the body is found near the factory who ran while a young girl studying in a conservatory, Sandra Durani, disappears and is later found dead near the bank of the river Serchio as a witness of the murder. At the same time begin to circulate in the city a series of anonymous letters, creating a climate of suspicion in the investigation that involves some people who direct and those who only marginally so far were above all suspicion, and even a third is killed person, Paolo Roversi, a friend of Sandra who was looking for items to be acquitted of double murder.

In response to these crimes Nicole Venturi, a French journalist and mother of Sandra, follow closely with colleague Andrea Baresi the survey coordinated by the Police Commissioner Stefano Avanzo and begins to be idea about the identity of the murderer until you get to see a sad truth to kill the daughter and the contractor was severe Scali, villa Pierboni's governess and best friend of Nicole, to avenge the death of daughter Nina, who committed suicide because it ignores Marco Pierboni with whom she had an affair, while the third murder committed by the housekeeper, too, was due to the fact that Paolo Roversi had suspected something about the theft of paintings took place in the villa outside the city.

Immediately after the confession of severity, Nicole will also discover the author of anonymous letters, ten in all, except the last, written by Dr. Guido Braschi in a desperate attempt to save another pain to Matilde Pierboni the other nine letters were indeed written by Filippo Pierboni, the son of the entrepreneur, who tries to commit suicide out of despair, without success. In the final scene, Nicole's friend greets commissioner before leaving Lucca and boards the train while the two promise each other that sooner or later they would meet again.


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