Private housing estates in Hong Kong

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Private housing estates in Hong Kong
Mei Foo Sun Chuen (full view).jpg
Mei Foo Sun Chuen is the earliest and largest private housing estate in Hong Kong
Chinese 私人屋苑

Private housing estate is a term used in Hong Kong for private mass housing – a housing estate developed by a private developer, as opposed to a public housing estate built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority or the Hong Kong Housing Society. It usually is characterised with a cluster of high-rise buildings, with its own market or shopping mall. Mei Foo Sun Chuen, built by Mobil, is the earliest (1965) and largest by number of blocks (99).

Early real estate development in Hong Kong followed the urban street pattern: single blocks are packed along streets and most of them are managed independently, with quality varying from block to block. Private housing estates on the other hand provide integrated management throughout whole estate, attracting more affluent residents.

Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Taikoo Shing, Whampoa Garden and City One Shatin are early notable examples. More projects followed and the idea became widely accepted as the middle class of Hong Kong emerged.


With the economies of scale of large developments, and the lifting of height restrictions since the opening of the new airport at Chek Lap Kok, there is the tendency of new private tower block developments with 10 to over 100 towers, ranging from 30-to-70-storeys high.

There has also been a trend in joint ventures between the already oligopolistic real-estate developer in Hong Kong. Developers have been increasingly partnering up to bid for development sites.[1] At a land auction on 8 May 2007, the Government warned developers not to collude in bidding.

The wall effect[edit]

There is currently some controversy over the "wall effect" caused by uniform high-rise developments which adversely impact air circulation and aggravate the heat effect but also impact public hygiene and contribute to air pollution. [2]Private developers seeking to maximise revenues have tended to build uniform blocks on seafront sites to give all units unrestricted sea view.

Environmental group Green Sense[3] expressed concern that their survey on 155 housing estates found 104 have a 'wall-like' design. It cited estates in Tai Kok Tsui and Tseung Kwan O as the "best examples".[4]

Head of the Planning Department, Ava Ng, argued that the air ventilation factor has been taken into consideration with regard to the auction of all prime sites on the land application list, and said the erection of tall buildings at these sites will not create any "wall effect."[5]

An air ventilation assessment is required only for sites with a total gross floor area of more than 100,000 square metres, according to technical guidelines in existence since 2006.[5]

In May, 2007, citing concern over developments in West Kowloon, and near Tai Wai and Yuen Long railway stations, Wong Kwok-hing of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions proposed a motion calling for measures to reduce screen-like buildings which maximise good views at the expense of air flow in densely populated areas. The motion was vetoed by functional constituency representatives.[6][7]

Lists of estates[edit]

The following is a partial list of private housing estates in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Island[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Bel-Air Residence 貝沙灣 Southern District 2004 and 2008 32 with 47 individual houses 2,800 Pacific Century Premium Developments Residence Bel-Air (full view).jpg 22°15′42″N 114°07′48″E / 22.2617°N 114.1301°E / 22.2617; 114.1301 (Bel-Air Residence)
City Garden 城市花園 North Point 1980s 14 2,393 Cheung Kong City Garden.jpg 22°17′11″N 114°11′29″E / 22.28637°N 114.19152°E / 22.28637; 114.19152 (City Garden)
Heng Fa Chuen 杏花邨 Chai Wan 1982 48 6,504 MTR Corporation
Kerry Properties
Heng Fa Chuen Hong Kong.jpg
22°16′32″N 114°14′30″E / 22.2756°N 114.2416°E / 22.2756; 114.2416
Island Place 港運城 North Point 1996 3 784 Swire Properties
China Motor Bus
Island Place.JPG
22°17′27″N 114°12′08″E / 22.2909°N 114.2022°E / 22.2909; 114.2022
Island Resort 藍灣半島 Siu Sai Wan 2001 4 3,098 Sino Land
Island Resort 2010.jpg
22°15′56″N 114°15′04″E / 22.2655°N 114.2512°E / 22.2655; 114.2512
Kornhill 康怡花園 Quarry Bay 1986 44 8,831 Hang Lung Properties
New World Development
MTR Property
Kornhill 200909.jpg
22°16′58″N 114°12′59″E / 22.282778°N 114.216389°E / 22.282778; 114.216389
Nam Fung Sun Chuen 南豐新邨 Quarry Bay 1978 12 2,826 Nam Fung Group
Nan Fung Sun Chuen (sky blue version).jpg
22°16′58″N 114°12′48″E / 22.2829°N 114.2134°E / 22.2829; 114.2134
Provident Centre 和富中心 North Point 1984 17 1,450 Hutchison Whampoa Property
Provident Centre.jpg
22°17′32″N 114°11′47″E / 22.2923°N 114.1965°E / 22.2923; 114.1965
South Horizons 海怡半島 Ap Lei Chau 1990s 34 9,812 Hutchison Whampoa Property
HK SouthHorizons Phase1&2.JPG
22°14′36″N 114°08′51″E / 22.2433°N 114.1475°E / 22.2433; 114.1475
Taikoo Shing 太古城 Quarry Bay 1970s 61 12,698 Swire
Tai Koo Shing 2008.jpg
22°17′11″N 114°13′03″E / 22.2863°N 114.2176°E / 22.2863; 114.2176


Name Chinese Name Area Completed No Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Amoy Gardens 淘大花園 Ngau Tau Kok 1987 19 4,896 Hang Lung Properties
Amoy Gardens 2011.jpg
22°19′28″N 114°12′59″E / 22.3244°N 114.2165°E / 22.3244; 114.2165
The Austin and Grand Austin - Kwun Chung 2014 8 1,267 Wheelock Properties
The Austin Overview 201607.jpg
Hampton Place 凱帆軒 Tai Kok Tsui 2003 3 880 Cheung Kong Holdings
Hampton Place north side.JPG
22°19′16″N 114°09′19″E / 22.3211°N 114.1553°E / 22.3211; 114.1553
Harbour Green 君滙港 Tai Kok Tsui 2007 5 1,514 Sun Hung Kai Properties
MTR Corporation
Harbour Green View 201205.jpg
22°19′13″N 114°09′35″E / 22.3203°N 114.1596°E / 22.3203; 114.1596
Harbour Place 海濱南岸 Hung Hom 2008 7 2,470 Sun Hung Kai Properties
New World Development
Harbour Place in September 2015.jpg
Laguna City 麗港城 Lam Tin 1991 38 8,072 Cheung Kong
Hutchison Whampoa Property
Laguna City 201305.jpg
22°17′06″N 114°09′32″E / 22.2850°N 114.1588°E / 22.2850; 114.1588
Laguna Verde 海逸豪園 Hung Hom 1996 25 4,735 Cheung Kong
CLP Group
Laguna Verde 2009.jpg
22°18′28″N 114°11′34″E / 22.3079°N 114.1927°E / 22.3079; 114.1927
Mei Foo Sun Chuen 美孚新邨 Lai Chi Kok 1965 99 13,500 Mobil
Mei Foo Sun Chuen (full view).jpg
22°20′17″N 114°08′20″E / 22.3380°N 114.1390°E / 22.3380; 114.1390
Parc Oasis 又一居 Yau Yat Chuen 1995 32 1,822 Wheelock Properties
Sino Group
Parc Oasis Overview 201503.jpg
22°20′02″N 114°10′26″E / 22.3339°N 114.1740°E / 22.3339; 114.1740
Parc Palais 君頤峰 King's Park 2004 8 703 Sino Group
New World Development
Wharf Estates
Parc Palais.jpg
Royal Peninsula 半島豪庭 Hung Hom 2001 5 1,669 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Henderson Land
Royal Peninsula.jpg
Sceneway Garden 匯景花園 Lam Tin 1992 17 4,112 Cheung Kong
Hutchison Whampoa Property
Sceneway Garden (brighter).jpg
22°18′25″N 114°13′58″E / 22.3069°N 114.2327°E / 22.3069; 114.2327
Telford Gardens 德福花園 Ngau Tau Kok 1980 41 4,992 Mass Transit Railway Corporation
Hang Lung Properties
Hopewell Holdings
Telford Gardens (full view).jpg
22°19′29″N 114°12′44″E / 22.3247°N 114.2122°E / 22.3247; 114.2122
Victoria Towers 港景峰 Tsim Sha Tsui 2003 3 988 Cheung Kong
Hutchison Whampoa Property
Victoria Tower 2011.jpg
Whampoa Garden 黃埔花園 Hung Hom 1980s 88 10,431 Whampoa Dockyards
Hutchison Whampoa Property
Whampoa Garden Overview 2010.jpg
22°18′15″N 114°11′32″E / 22.3041°N 114.1922°E / 22.3041; 114.1922
Wyler Gardens 偉恒昌新邨 Ma Tau Kok 1979 30 2,730 Hang Seng Bank
HK Wyler Gardens 2009.jpg
22°19′04″N 114°11′33″E / 22.3177°N 114.1924°E / 22.3177; 114.1924

Kwai Tsing District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Greenfield Garden 翠怡花園 Tsing Yi 1990 11 3,216 Sun Hung Kai Properties
HK Greenfield Garden.jpg
Mayfair Gardens 美景花園 Tsing Yi 1984 8 1,912 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Tierra Verde 盈翠半島 Tsing Yi 1999 12 3,459 MTR Corporation
Tierra Verde.jpg
Rambler Crest 藍澄灣 Tsing Yi 2003 5 1,587 Cheung Kong
Rambler Crest.jpg
Tsing Yi Garden 青怡花園 Tsing Yi 1986 7 1,520 Cheung Kong
HK Tsing Yi Garden.jpg
Villa Esplanada 灝景灣 Tsing Yi 2000 10 2,824 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Cheung Kong
China Resources
Villa Esplanada 20140815.jpg
Wonderland Villas 華景山莊 Kwai Chung 1984 and 1987 22 1,502 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Henderson Land Development
Wonderland Villas (facade, revised).jpg
22°18′25″N 114°13′59″E / 22.307°N 114.233°E / 22.307; 114.233

Sai Kung District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Ocean Shores 維景灣畔 Tiu Keng Leng 2001-2003 15 5,728 Swire Properties
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Ocean Shore 201408.jpg
22°18′22″N 114°15′10″E / 22.3061°N 114.2527°E / 22.3061; 114.2527
Tseung Kwan O Plaza 將軍澳廣場 Tseung Kwan O 2004 8 2,880 Nan Fung Group
Tseung Kwan O Plaza.jpg
22°18′32″N 114°15′44″E / 22.3089°N 114.2621°E / 22.3089; 114.2621
LOHAS Park 日出康城 Tseung Kwan O 2008–ongoing 50 21,500 MTR Corporation
and others
Lohas Park in June 2015 (better contrast).jpg
22°17′42″N 114°16′16″E / 22.295°N 114.271°E / 22.295; 114.271

Sha Tin District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Belair Gardens 富豪花園 Sha Tin 1982 and 1987 14 1,940 Chinachem Group
BelairGardens 20070828 large.jpg
22°23′05″N 114°11′55″E / 22.384722°N 114.198694°E / 22.384722; 114.198694
Castello 帝堡城 Sha Tin 1999 8 1,744 Sun Hung Kai Properties
The Castello viewed from Kwong Yuen Estate.jpg
22°23′01″N 114°12′55″E / 22.3837°N 114.2153°E / 22.3837; 114.2153
City One 沙田第一城 Sha Tin 1981-1988 52 10,642 New World Development
Henderson Land Development
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Cheung Kong Holdings
HK Cityone Shatin Overview.jpg
22°23′11″N 114°12′14″E / 22.386389°N 114.203889°E / 22.386389; 114.203889
Festival City 名城 Tai Wai 2010–2012 12 4,304 Cheung Kong Holdings
MTR Corporation
HK Festival City Overview 201208.jpg
22°22′09″N 114°10′27″E / 22.3692°N 114.1743°E / 22.3692; 114.1743
Garden Vista 翠湖花園 Shek Mun 1990 6 840
Glamour Garden 金輝花園 Tai Wai
Golden Lion Gardens 金獅花園 Tai Wai
Golden Lion Garden (Phase II).JPG
Grandeur Garden 金禧花園 Tai Wai
Grandeur Garden.JPG
Greenview Garden 愉景花園 Tai Wai
Chu Tin Street (Hong Kong).jpg
Julimount Garden 瑞峰花園 Tai Wai
Julimount Garden.jpg
Lakeview Gardens 湖景花園 Tai Wai
Man Lai Court 文禮閣 Tai Wai 1990-1993 4 Cheung Kong Holdings
Parc Royale 聚龍居 Tai Wai
Parc Royale (Tai Wai).jpg
Peak One 壹號雲頂 Tai Wai
HK PeakOne 2011.JPG
Pristine Villa 曉翠山莊 Tai Wai 1995 14 498 Sun Hung Kai Properties
HK PristineVilla 2011.JPG
Sha Tin Heights 沙田嶺 Tai Wai
The Great Hill 嘉御山 Tai Wai
HK TheGreatHill 2011.JPG
Worldwide Gardens 世界花園 Tai Wai
Royal Ascot 駿景園 Fo Tan 1995-1997 10 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation
HK RoyalAscot.JPG
22°23′57″N 114°12′04″E / 22.3991°N 114.2010°E / 22.3991; 114.2010
Double Cove 迎海 Ma On Shan
Double Cove in November 2015.jpg
Lake Silver 富安花園 Ma On Shan 2009 7 2169
HK LakeSilver 2011.JPG
Sunshine City 新港城 Ma On Shan 1990s 20 4,761 Henderson Land Development
HK MOS SunshineCity Plase4.jpg
22°25′28″N 114°13′56″E / 22.4244°N 114.2321°E / 22.4244; 114.2321
Villa Athena 雅典居 Ma On Shan 1994 10 1,064
HK VillaAthena.JPG

Tsuen Wan District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Allway Gardens 荃威花園 Tsuen Wan 1978 and 1981 16 3,423 Hopewell Holdings
22°22′44″N 114°06′28″E / 22.3788°N 114.1078°E / 22.3788; 114.1078
Bayview Garden 灣景花園 Tsuen Wan 1993 5 Hang Lung Properties
22°22′11″N 114°05′58″E / 22.369702°N 114.099369°E / 22.369702; 114.099369
Belvedere Garden 麗城花園 Tsuen Wan West 1987–1991 19 6,016 Cheung Kong Holdings
Belvedere Garden 201408.jpg
22°22′19″N 114°06′07″E / 22.3719°N 114.1020°E / 22.3719; 114.1020
City Point 環宇海灣 Tsuen Wan 2014 7 1,717 Cheung Kong
Nan Fung
MTR Corporation
City Point (finished construction).JPG
Discovery Park 愉景新城 Tsuen Wan 1998 12 3,360 Hong Kong Resort Company
HK Discovery Park Residentional 200808.jpg
The Dynasty 御凱 Tsuen Wan 2009 2 Sino Land
Urban Renewal Authority
HK The Dynasty.jpg
22°22′05″N 114°06′51″E / 22.36793°N 114.11411°E / 22.36793; 114.11411
Luk Yeung Sun Chuen 綠楊新邨 Tsuen Wan 1984 17 4,056 Mass Transit Railway Corporation and others
HK Luk Yeung Sun Chuen View.jpg
22°22′25″N 114°07′12″E / 22.3736°N 114.1199°E / 22.3736; 114.1199
Riviera Gardens 海濱花園 Tsuen Wan 1990 20 5,692 Caltex
New World Development
HK Riviera Gardens.jpg
Serenade Cove 韻濤居 Tsuen Wan West 2001 3 The Wharf (Holdings)
Serenade Cove, Tsuen Wan Hong Kong.JPG
22°22′21″N 114°06′11″E / 22.3725°N 114.1031°E / 22.3725; 114.1031
Tsuen King Garden 荃景花園 Tsuen Wan 1988 12 3,024
Tsuen King Garden.JPG
Tsuen Wan Centre 荃灣中心 Tsuen Wan 1989 20 5,692
Tsuen Wan Centre.JPG
Vision City 萬景峯 Tsuen Wan West 2007 5 1,446 Urban Renewal Authority
HK Vision City Phase 1 view1.jpg
Waterside Plaza 海灣花園 Tsuen Wan 1991 4 822
Waterside Plaza (full view).jpg

Sham Tseng[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Bellagio 碧堤半島 Sham Tseng Wheelock Properties
Wharf Holdings
Sham Tseng Bellagio.JPG
22°22′01″N 114°03′41″E / 22.36698°N 114.06129°E / 22.36698; 114.06129
Lido Garden 麗都花園 Sham Tseng
Lido Garden 201207.jpg
Ocean Pointe 縉皇居 Sham Tseng 2001 1 560 Kerry Properties 22°21′57″N 114°03′45″E / 22.3657°N 114.0624°E / 22.3657; 114.0624
Rhine Garden 海韻花園 Sham Tseng
Rhine Garden.JPG
Rhine Terrace 海韻臺 Sham Tseng 1992 1 212 Cheung Kong Holdings
Rhine Terrace.JPG
Sea Crest Villa 浪翠園 Sham Tseng
Tsing Lung Tau
1992–1997 15 2,409 Sun Hung Kai Properties
22°21′59″N 114°03′22″E / 22.3663°N 114.0560°E / 22.3663; 114.0560

Tuen Mun District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Hong Kong Gold Coast 香港黃金海岸 So Kwun Wat 1990-1993 20 2,052 Sino Group
Hong Kong Gold Coast 1.jpg
22°22′02″N 113°59′40″E / 22.3673°N 113.9944°E / 22.3673; 113.9944
Miami Beach Towers 邁亞美海灣 Tuen Mun 1991 6 1,272 Sino Group 22°22′19″N 113°58′10″E / 22.3719°N 113.9695°E / 22.3719; 113.9695
Pierhead Garden 海翠花園 Tuen Mun 1988 6 1,432 Kowloon–Canton Railway Corporation
HK TM Tuen Mun Piers Ocean Walk mall.JPG
22°22′21″N 113°58′00″E / 22.3725°N 113.9666°E / 22.3725; 113.9666
Sun Tuen Mun Centre 新屯門中心 Tuen Mun 1990 10 3,500 Kowloon–Canton Railway Corporation
Sun Tuen Mun Centre 201207.jpg
22°22′52″N 113°57′54″E / 22.3812°N 113.9650°E / 22.3812; 113.9650
Tai Hing Gardens 大興花園 Tuen Mun 1994 15 3,647 Hang Lung Properties
22°23′59″N 113°58′17″E / 22.3996°N 113.9715°E / 22.3996; 113.9715
Tuen Mun Town Plaza 屯門市廣場 Tuen Mun 1992 8 1,968 Sino Group
Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1 Block 3-5 2009.jpg
22°23′34″N 113°58′36″E / 22.3929°N 113.9767°E / 22.3929; 113.9767

Yuen Long District[edit]

Name Chinese Name Area Completed No. of Blocks No Units Developer Photo Coordinates
Central Park Towers 栢慧豪園 Tin Shui Wai 2010 8 2,960 Cheung Kong Holdings
Central Park Towers (sky blue version).JPG
22°27′33″N 114°00′04″E / 22.4593°N 114.0011°E / 22.4593; 114.0011
Kingswood Villas 嘉湖山莊 Tin Shui Wai 1991– 58 15,808 Cheung Kong Holdings
22°27′36″N 114°00′18″E / 22.4600°N 114.0049°E / 22.4600; 114.0049
Vianni Cove 慧景軒 Tin Shui Wai 2004 3 1,091 Cheung Kong Holdings
Sun Hung Kai Properties
Vianni Cove.jpg
22°27′58″N 114°00′15″E / 22.4661°N 114.0041°E / 22.4661; 114.0041
Sun Yuen Long Centre 新元朗中心 Yuen Long 1993 5 Sun Hung Kai Properties
Kowloon–Canton Railway Corporation
Sun Yuen Long Centre 1.jpg
22°26′44″N 114°02′06″E / 22.4455°N 114.0351°E / 22.4455; 114.0351
YOHO Town 新時代廣場 Yuen Long 2004
16 4,091 Sun Hung Kai Properties
YOHO Town Overview 201508.jpg
22°26′32″N 114°02′12″E / 22.4422°N 114.0368°E / 22.4422; 114.0368

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