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A private school in Sri Lanka denotes a school that is funded by private means, usually tuition fees while a government school is controlled or owned by the state. In Sri Lanka, due to the British influence, a public school implies to a non-governmental, historically elite educational institutions, often modeled on British public schools which are in certain cases some are governmental.

In consideration of government control or ownership, the central government administered Kendriya Vidyalayas (or Central Schools), Navodaya Vidyalaya system of schools qualify as per the American definition of "public" school. They are usually not completely privately run, being "aided" by the government. The standard and the quality of education is quite high.

The most well known public school in Sri Lanka is Royal College Colombo. Although it is a governmental school it has much autonomy. S. Thomas' College located in Mount Lavinia and its branches are located in Kollupitiya, Gurutalawa, Bandarawella and Trinity College, Kandy are the most prominent private schools in the island. Apart from this Musaeus College, Colombo, Ladies' College, Colombo; Bishop's College, Colombo and Hillwood College, Kandy are the well known private school for ladies.