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The Prix Constantin is an annual French music prize awarded to the best album of an artist who has come to prominence during the course of the past year. It was inaugurated in 2002, following the example of the Mercury Music Prize, as an attempt to bring to light artists who have not had major media coverage ("the talents of today and tomorrow"). It is therefore open to individuals or groups who have not yet had a gold album, with the exception of the nominated album. Its basic purpose is to help newer artists who are not very popular to gain publicity. All albums produced in France in the past year are admissible, without restriction on the nationality or language of expression of the artist. The winner is decided by a jury, headed by a musician, which contains representatives from the press, radio, television and record stores.

The Prix Constantin is named after the record industry figure Philippe Constantin, who died in 1996.

Winners and nominees[edit]


Winner: Selah SueSelah Sue


  • Alex Beaupain – Pourquoi battait mon cœur
  • Brigitte – Et vous, tu m'aimes ?
  • Cyril Mokaiesh – Du Rouge et des Passions
  • Lisa Portelli - Le Régal
  • Sly Johnson - 74
  • Bertrand Belin - Hypernuit
  • Cascadeur - The Human Octopus
  • L - Initiale
  • The Shoes - Crack my Bones


Winner: Hindi ZahraHandmade


  • Arnaud Fleurent-Didier – La reproduction
  • Camelia Jordana – Camelia Jordana
  • Féfé – Jeune à la retraite
  • Gush – Everybody's god
  • Stromae – Stromae
  • Ben l'Oncle Soul – Ben l'Oncle Soul
  • Carmen Maria Vega – Carmen Maria Vega
  • Féloche – La vie Cajun
  • Zaz – ZAZ


Winner: Emily LoizeauPays Sauvage


  • Babx – Cristal Ballroom
  • Birdy Nam NamManual for Successful Rioting
  • Diving with Andy – Sugar Sugar
  • Dominique ALa Musique
  • Fredo ViolaThe Turn
  • Hugh Coltman – Stories from the Safe House
  • OrelsanPerdu d'avance
  • Piers FacciniTwo Grains of Sand
  • Yodelice – Tree of Life


Winner: AṣaAṣa


  • Arman Méliès – Casino
  • Barbara Carlotti – L'Idéal
  • Cocoon – My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash
  • Joseph D'Anvers – Les jours sauvages
  • Julien DoréErsatz
  • Moriarty – Gee Whiz But This Is a Lonesome Town
  • The DøA Mouthful
  • Thomas Dutronc – Comme un manouche sans guitare
  • Yael Naïm and David Donatien – Yael Naim


Winner: DaphnéCarmin



Winner: Abd Al MalikGibraltar



Winner: CamilleLe fil



Winner: CaliL'amour parfait



Winner: Mickey 3DTu vas pas mourir de rire



Winner: AvrilThat Horse Must be Starving


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