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The prix Guillaume Apollinaire is a French poetry prize first awarded in 1941. It was named in honour of French writer Guillaume Apollinaire. It annually recognizes a collection of poems for its originality and modernity.

Members of the jury[edit]

The members of jury of the Guillaume Apollinaire prize are elected for life. Since the last renewal (2011), the board members are:


The prize has been awarded 9 times to poets for all of their work: Paul Gilson, Pierre Seghers, Marcel Béalu, Vincent Monteiro, Luc Estang, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Jean-Claude Renard, Yves Martin, and Claude Roy.

It has been attributed 9 times to collections published by Éditions Seghers (fr), 6 times by Flammarion and four times by Gallimard.

  • 1941: Just Calveyrach for Guyane, Îles de Lérins
  • 1942: Roger Rabiniaux for Les Faubourgs du ciel, Profils Litt. Fr.
  • 1943: Yves Salgues for Le Chant de Nathanael, Profils Litt. Fr.
  • 1944 to 1946 : pas de désignation
  • 1947: Hervé Bazin for Jour, Iles de Lérins
  • 1948: Jean L'Anselme for Le Tambour de ville, LEC, éd. Contemporaines, and Rouben Melik for Passeur d'horizon, Îles de Lérins
  • 1949: no designation
  • 1960: Marcel Béalu and Vincent Monteiro for all their work
  • 1961: Jean Breton for Chair et soleil, La Table Ronde
  • 1962: Jeanne Kieffer for Cette Sauvage lumière, Gallimard
  • 1963: Jean Bancal for Le Chemin des hommes, Silvaire
  • 1964: Jean Desmeuzes for Ballade en Sol majeur, Millas-Martin
  • 1965: Robert Lorho (pseudonym: Lionel Ray) for Légendaire, Seghers
  • 1966: Catherine Tolstoï for Ce que savait la rose, Seghers
  • 1967: Lorand Gaspar for Le Quatrième état de la matière, Flammarion
  • 1968: Luc Estang for all his work
  • 1969: Albert Fabre for La Lumière est nommée, Seghers

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