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American Dennis Lehane, winner of the Prix Mystère de la critique in 2003

The Prix Mystère de la critique was established in 1972 by the magazine Mystère magazine [fr], published by the Éditions OPTA [fr] from 1948 to 1976, and continues to be awarded each year by its founder, Georges Rieben and his team. It has the characteristic of having survived the demise of the magazine.

The Prix Mystère de la critique is one of the oldest French award for a detective novel.

Since 2011, the award ceremony takes place at the bibliothèque des littératures policières [fr].

The prize is divided in two categories: French novel and foreign novel.

Laureates of the best French novel[edit]

The prizewinners in the National category is reserved for the best French-language crime series published the previous year. The most successful in this category were the French Alain Demouzon (1979 and 2001), Pascal Dessaint (1997 and 2008), Thierry Jonquet (1994 and 1999), Dominique Manotti (2002 and 2007), Jean-Hugues Oppel (1995 and 2006), Fred Vargas (1996 and 2000) and Hervé Le Corre (2005 and 2010), who won the prize twice. Vargas was at the same time the first female criminal writer to be awarded the prize.

Laureates of the best foreign novel[edit]

The prizewinners in the International category, is reserved for the best foreign crime scene published in the previous year in French translation. The most successful in this category were Donald E. Westlake (1972 and 2001), Robin Cook (1984 and 1995), William Bayer (1986 and 2005) and James Lee Burke (1992 and 2009), who could have won the award twice. Horst Bosetzky was the only German-speaking criminal writer, to succeed in the victory of a criminal writer. In 1988, he triumphed with his novel "Kein Reihenhaus" for Robin Hood, which had been published under the pseudonym -ky, under the title Robin des bois est mort, in the Bordeaux publishing house Le Mascaret the previous year.






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