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Priyamudan poster.jpg
Release poster
Directed by Vincent Selva
Produced by
  • K. Muralidharan
  • V. Swaminathan
  • G. Venugopal
Written by Vincent Selva,
Pattukkottai Prabakar (dialogues)
Music by Deva
Cinematography S.D. Vijay Milton
Edited by B. S. Vasu-Saleem
Release date
  • 12 June 1998 (1998-06-12)
Country India
Language Tamil

Priyamudan (lit. With love) is a 1998 Indian Tamil-language romantic thriller film directed by Vincent Selva. The film features Vijay and Kausalya in the lead roles, while Sujith Sagar plays a pivotal role. The story focuses on the protagonist, who is of a hyper-possessive nature and therefore, tries to achieve whatever he desires using any means.


Vasanth is a son of a wealthy businessman from Chennai and grows up with a possessive attitude. This is shown in one scene in a gift shop where he breaks a gift he likes solely because it had already been bought by someone else. He pays the owner to cover the damages, but he responds with a tagline - "If I can't get it, nobody can". He happens to visit Rajasthan, where he meets Priya and falls in love immediately. Priya is injured in an accident and Vasanth's friend (Vasanth Kumar) rescues her by donating blood. Being unconscious, Priya doesn't know the face of her savior, only the name "Vasanth Kumar".

After she recovers, Priya comes to Chennai to meet Vasanth Kumar and stays in her uncle Madhan Babu's house. But Vasanth, who needs her at any cost, pretends himself to be Vasanth Kumar and makes advantage of her Soft-Corner. He also manages to hide her from the real Vasanth. One day, both Priya and Vasanth go to Sathyam Theater to watch a movie but he unknowingly comes to know that Priya and Vasanth Kumar already know each other. He gets anger and breaks the ice creams brought for them. One day, Vasanth Kumar comes to know about Priya-Vasanth affair and greets them. Priya's father Rangarajan also comes to know the affair, but not about the possessive Vasanth. Vasanth and Priya go to Jaipur from Chennai to meet Priya's father. While Priya is away from the home for a small work, Vasanth meets Priya's father and admits the truth to him, but he refuses. Angered by his action, Vasanth kills him but later realizes his foolish mistake. CBI officers Muthukumaraswamy and Gopal begin to investigate the case. One day, Vasanth Kumar comes to Jaipur for a music audition, which he had missed when he donated blood to Priya. Vasanth arranges room for him but fears that he might find the truth. He goes to the hospital where Priya was admitted and tears the certificate of admission. Vasanth Kumar sees this and they go to a nearby hill station. Vasanth Kumar starts arguing with Vasanth for cheating his name. Vasanth apologizes and admits the truth but Vasanth Kumar abuses Priya. Hence he accidentally beats Vasanth but tries to save him. Having no way, Vasanth Kumar sacrifices his life for the sake of his friend. Shocked by this incident, Vasanth decides to transform himself to a good gentleman and he starts to take care of Priya. Meanwhile, the CBI officers come to know that the real murderer of Priya's father and Vasanth Kumar is none other than Vasanth himself. Priya also comes to know about this and runs from Jaipur. Vasanth searches for her and is finally beaten by Priya for killing her father. After that, she notices her ear ring which was taken by Vasanth when he first visited Jaipur. He tells all the truths and the incidents. She feels sorry for him and decides to reciprocate Vasanth's love. But the Police shoot him and he dies immediately, unable to bear the pain. Priya bursts out of tears. The film ends with a sad note, with Vasanth advising the audience" not to live like him, because they will realize their terrific destiny".

Alternate climax[edit]

When Vasanth was suffering from the pain caused by the Police man's gunshot, Priya realizes his love for her and reciprocate Vasanth's love. Both Vasanth and Priya hold their hands and runs away from the police. Muthukumaraswamy and Gopal were about to pullout their guns, but they didn't stop or shoot Vasanth. When they asked each other the reason for not stopping them, they explained each other by saying that they know the value and pain of love. So that they let them go away and live together. The film ends with a happy note, with Vasanth united with Priya and his love being successful.



Vijay wanted to work with a debutant director and Vincent Selva's story impressed him, prompting Lakshmi Movie Makers to make the story into a feature film.[1] Meena was initially approached for the film, but had to turn the offer down due to her busy schedule. The song "Pooja Vaa" was shot in Bada Bagh, Kuldhara and Jaisalmer, while the film's climax was shot at Kuldhara, Rajasthan.[2][3] While working for the film, Vijay had an accident and hurt his spine. As a result, Vijay travelled to London for advanced medical treatment, where he ended up meeting his eventual wife, Sangeetha Chockalingam.[4]


Soundtrack album by Deva
Released 1998
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Five Star Audio
Producer Deva

The soundtrack composed by Deva while lyrics were written by Ra. Ravishankar, Arivumathi, Pazhani Bharathi, Ponniyin Selvan and Vaasan.


A reviewer from praising Vijay for choosing to play an anti-hero role.[5] The Hindu stated that Vijay "made sincere efforts to give shape to the negative character" that "he asserts himself in the climax". The critic goes on to describe that Kausalya "just fills the bill, while Sujit Sagar makes "a neat essay".[6][7]

Stunt choreographer Jaguar Thangam won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Stunt Coordinator, for 1998 for his work in Priyamudan.[8] The film was remade as Preminche Manasu in Telugu in 2000, as Nata in Kannada in 2002 and as Deewana Main Deewana in Hindi (released in 2013).


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