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Priyanka Barve
Priyanka Barve

Priyanka Barve is an Indian playback singer and actress. Barve has sung songs in Hindi, Marathi and in some other Indian languages, however she is most active in the Marathi and Hindi industry. Barve is known for playing Anarkali in Feroz Khan's Broadway adaptation of Mughal E Azam.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Barve is from Pune, India. Barve comes from a musical family.[3] She is a granddaughter of veteran vocalists Padmakar and Malati Pande-Barve. Her grandmother guided her in classical singing. [4]


Since 17, Barve has been singing professionally.[3] In Marathi films, Barve is a singer and she is credited in the film's music department. Barve has sung songs for many Marathi Films such as Double Seat, Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai 2, Ajintha, Online Binline, Rama Madhav,[5] and Lost & Found.

Barve has also sung for Marathi TV serial's title track, such as Mala sasu havi and Ithech taka tambu.

One of the leading music companies, Sagarika Music, launched her video singles "Patch Up", "Premala", and "Tuzyasave tuzyavina".


  • 2015 Biker's Adda - as playback singer.[6]
  • 2019 Krutant - as playback singer.[7]


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