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The Prizefighter series is a professional boxing tournament created by boxing promoter Barry Hearn and aired on Sky Sports. The format has an initial eight fighters, who compete in four quarter-finals of 3 x 3 minute rounds (number and length of the rounds is same as in amateur boxing) followed by two semi-finals and one final all on the same night.[1] The total prize money of the tournament is £80,000 with the winner of the tournament taking home £32,000, a figure that has increased from the initial top prize of £25,000 when the tournament first aired in April 2008. There have been 34 Prizefighter tournaments so far featuring 14 different weight divisions.


Prizefighter 1: The Heavyweights[edit]

The first Prizefighter took place at York Hall, Bethnal Green in April 2008. The event was televised live on Sky Sports and saw 8 heavyweight fighters compete for the title. Competitors for the first series were Martin Rogan, David Dolan, Dave Ferguson, Billy Bessey, Alex Ibbs, Darren Morgan, Paul Butlin and Colin Kenna.[2]

Martin Rogan and David Dolan met in the final each boasting unbeaten records of 9-0. Rogan won after three rounds of boxing in which Dolan had been knocked down twice.[3] Dolan was possibly still feeling the effects of a gruelling first round fight in which a punishing left hook from Darren Morgan had him out on his feet and holding on.[4]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 David Ferguson  U-PTS
 Billy Bessey    
 David Ferguson  
     Martin Rogan  U-PTS  
 Martin Rogan  TKO 2
 Alex Ibbs    
 Martin Rogan  U-PTS
   David Dolan  
 Paul Butlin  TKO 2
 Colin Kenna    
 Paul Butlin  
     David Dolan  U-PTS  
 David Dolan  U-PTS
 Darren Morgan    

Prizefighter 2: The Heavyweights II[edit]

The second tournament was held at the Telewest Arena in Newcastle in September 2008, and involved Sam Sexton, Pele Reid, Luke Simpkin, Dave Ferguson, Chris Burton, David Ingleby, Lee Swaby and Darren Morgan. The draw for the first round of fights was made by reigning British champion Danny Williams.[5] Speaking before the tournament, competitor Luke Simpkin said "This could change my life if I win it", initially a substitute he was brought in to replace Ian Millarvie who had sustained an injury. Of his tactics for the tournament Simpkin said "There’s no tactics involved in my game and attack is the best form of defence so I will just attack. You haven’t got much time to plan anything so I will just go out there, have a good time and try my best".[6]

"At 24-years-old I still haven't got my man strength as yet, and I know I can keep improving, hopefully next year I can get a shot at British title, I will keep getting stronger and stronger."

Sam Sexton, winner of the 2nd Prizefighter tournament

On the night it was the Norwich heavyweight Sam Sexton who came out on top with wins over Pelé Reid in the quarter-final, Luke Simpkin in the semi-finals and the hometown favourite Chris Burton in the final. After the win Sexton praised his tactics saying "The night went exactly how we planned it, we had a gameplan for each fight worked out before we came tonight". On his future aspirations he added "At 24-years-old I still haven't got my man strength as yet, and I know I can keep improving, hopefully next year I can get a shot at British title, I will keep getting stronger and stronger." [7]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Sam Sexton  U-PTS
 Pele Reid    
 Sam Sexton  U-PTS
     Luke Simpkin    
 Luke Simpkin  S-PTS
 David Ferguson    
 Sam Sexton  TKO 3
   Chris Burton  
 Chris Burton  U-PTS
 David Ingleby    
 Chris Burton  U-PTS
     Lee Swaby    
 Lee Swaby  U-PTS
 Darren Morgan    

Prizefighter 3: The Welterweights[edit]

Prizefighter 3 took place on 24 October 2008 back at the York Hall and featured a different weight class to the previous two events with welterweights competing for the main prize.[8] Fighters taking part in the competition were former European champion Ted Bami; English champions Nigel Wright and Ross Minter; Former ABA champion Michael Lomax; Commonwealth challenger Craig Dickson; Midlands Area champion Mark Lloyd; Former IBO light middleweight champion Steven Conway, and Andrew Ferrans.[9]

"Hopefully this will be the break my career needs and as I said afterwards this wasn't about the money I won, but the glory I have enjoyed from this competition"

Michael Lomax, winner of the 3rd Prizefighter tournament

Michael Lomax won the tournament with wins over Craig Dickson, Nigel Wright and Ted Bami in the final. Lomax had been confident before the tournament had even begun despite not being the favourite to lift the trophy saying "I am confident I'll one is as dedicated as me, what you put in is what you get out".[10] He claimed that it was the best night of his career so far and raised hopes that this was the launchpad for his career saying "Hopefully this will be the break my career needs and as I said afterwards this wasn't about the money I won, but the glory I have enjoyed from this competition."[11] The result wasn't without controversy however as many people watching at ringside as well as the commentators on Sky thought that Lomax had actually lost his semi-final against Nigel Wright. The judges however thought differently and scored a split decision win for the eventual champion. A shocked Wright speaking after the bout said "I'm absolutely disgusted – how could they rob me like that...One judge gave Lomax all three which is unbelievable...I can't remember Michael hitting me with a clean shot."[12]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Ted Bami  TKO 1
 Andrew Ferrans    
 Ted Bami  U-PTS
     Mark Lloyd    
 Mark Lloyd  U-PTS
 Steven Conway    
 Ted Bami  
   Michael Lomax  U-PTS
 Michael Lomax  U-PTS
 Craig Dickson    
 Michael Lomax  U-PTS
     Nigel Wright    
 Nigel Wright  U-PTS
 Ross Minter    

Prizefighter 4: The Middleweights[edit]

Prizefighter 4 took place again at the York Hall this time on 21 November 2008. The tournament featured Middleweights Paul Samuels, Danny Butler, Max Maxwell, Steve Ede, Cello Renda, Danny Thornton, Joe Rea and Martin Murray. It also formed part of a Sky Box Office show featuring the Ricky Hatton fight with Paulie Malignaggi as the main event.

Martin Murray won the tournament and the £25,000 prize money following wins over Joe Rea, Danny Butler and then in the final Cello Renda. The final itself saw Renda getting knocked down and with both fighters coming out swinging and fighting toe to toe.[13]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Max Maxwell  S-PTS
 Steve Ede    
 Max Maxwell  
     Cello Renda  U-PTS  
 Cello Renda  TKO 2
 Danny Thornton    
 Cello Renda  
   Martin Murray  S-PTS
 Danny Butler  U-PTS
 Paul Samuels    
 Danny Butler  
     Martin Murray  S-PTS  
 Martin Murray  U-PTS
 Joe Rea    

Prizefighter 5: The Light Heavyweights[edit]

The fifth instalment of the Prizefighter franchise took place on 20 February 2009 with the weight division on this occasion being light heavyweight. Boxers taking part in the competition were Courtney Fry, Shon Davies, Tony Oakey, Billy Boyle, Bob Ajisafe, Carl Dilks, Darren Stubbs and Steve Spartacus.[14] Former British champion Tony Oakey eventually won the tournament having defeated Billy Boyle and Courtney Fry on the way to a final win over Darren Stubbs.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Courtney Fry  U-PTS
 Shon Davies    
 Courtney Fry  
     Tony Oakey  U-PTS  
 Tony Oakey  U-PTS
 Billy Boyle    
 Tony Oakey  U-PTS
   Darren Stubbs  
 Bob Ajisafe  
 Carl Dilks  U-PTS  
 Carl Dilks  
     Darren Stubbs  S-PTS  
 Darren Stubbs  TKO
 Steve Spartacus    

Prizefighter 6: The Lightweights[edit]

The sixth installment of the Prizefighter franchise took place on 24 March 2009 at the Kelvin Hall, Scotland with the weight division on this occasion being lightweight. Boxers taking part in the competition were Ryan Brawley, Ben Murphy, Paul Holborn, Charlie King, Gary McArthur, Steve Saville, Stephen Burke and Stuart Green. Brawley won the tournament with victories over Murphy, Holborn and Burke in the final.[15][16]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Ryan Brawley  U-PTS
 Ben Murphy    
 Ryan Brawley  S-PTS
     Paul Holborn    
 Charlie King  
 Paul Holborn  U-PTS  
 Ryan Brawley  U-PTS
   Stephen Burke  
 Gary McArthur  U-PTS
 Steve Saville    
 Gary McArthur  
     Stephen Burke  TKO  
 Stephen Burke  U-PTS
 Stuart Green    

Prizefighter 7: The Cruiserweights[edit]

The seventh instalment of the Prizefighter franchise took place on 19 May 2009 at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London with the weight division on this occasion being cruiserweight. Boxers taking part in the competition were Darren Corbett, Terry Dunstan, Dean Francis, John Keeton, Ovill McKenzie, Bruce Scott, Neil Simpson (boxer)|Neil Simpson and Mickey Steeds. Mark Krence was originally drafted in, but replaced by McKenzie after he was forced to withdraw due to injury.[17] McKenize went on to win the title scoring wins over Dunstan, Corbett and Keeton in the final.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Dean Francis  TKO
 Neil Simpson    
 Dean Francis  
     John Keeton  TKO  
 John Keeton  U-PTS
 Bruce Scott    
 John Keeton  
   Ovill McKenzie  U-PTS
 Terry Dunstan  
 Ovill McKenzie  U-PTS  
 Ovill McKenzie  TKO
     Darren Corbett    
 Mickey Steeds  
 Darren Corbett  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 8: The Heavyweights III[edit]

The eighth tournament was held on 2 October 2009, it was originally due to be held at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, but was moved to the larger ExCeL London due to demand for tickets, increasing the potential attendance by 5,000. The boxers involved initially were Danny Williams, Audley Harrison, Michael Sprott, Scott Gammer, Scott Belshaw, Michael Holden, Coleman Barrett and Danny Hughes.[18]

Carl Baker was eventually drafted in to take the place of Michael Holden after the BBBofC refused permission for Holden to fight after voicing concerns over his lack of activity over recent years in the ring.[19] Sprott withdrew following a family bereavement and was replaced by Neil Perkins.[20]

The quarter final draw took place on 11 September at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada by Mike Tyson alongside Matchroom Sports chairman Barry Hearn.[21]

Former Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison eventually won the title having defeated Scott Belshaw, Danny Hughes and Coleman Barrett. Reigning British heavyweight champion Danny Williams, lost in the first round to substitute boxer Carl Baker, with Baker knocking him down four times over the course of the three round contest. The defeat to Baker also meant that Williams would be stripped of his British title.[22]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Scott Gammer  
 Coleman Barrett  U-PTS  
 Coleman Barrett  U-PTS
     Carl Baker    
 Danny Williams  
 Carl Baker  U-PTS  
 Coleman Barrett  
   Audley Harrison  RSF
 Audley Harrison  KO
 Scott Belshaw    
 Audley Harrison  U-PTS
     Danny Hughes    
 Neil Perkins  
 Danny Hughes  KO  

Prizefighter 9: The Light Welterweights[edit]

On 4 December 2009, the tournament saw the light welterweight's competing for the first time. Amongst the contestants was Gavin Rees, the first former World champion to compete in the tournament's history. The competition also had a number of European champions competing with Colin Lynes, Jason Cook and Ted Bami, a man who had also reached the final of the Welterweight prizefighter tournament in October 2008. Former British champions David Barnes and Young Mutley also took part as did unbeaten fighter Michael Grant and Welshman Barrie Jones. The draw for the competition was conducted by Floyd Mayweather, Jr..[23]

Gavin Rees, who was supported at ringside by Joe Calzaghe, eventually picked up the trophy and £32,000 prize money after defeating all three former European champions in Ted Bami, Jason Cook and Colin Lynes in the final.[24]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Michael Grant  
 Jason Cook  TKO  
 Jason Cook  
     Gavin Rees  U-PTS  
 Ted Bami  
 Gavin Rees  U-PTS  
 Gavin Rees  U-PTS
   Colin Lynes  
 Colin Lynes  SD
 David Barnes    
 Colin Lynes  SD
     Young Mutley    
 Barrie Jones  
 Young Mutley  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 10: The Light Middleweights[edit]

On 26 February 2010, Prizefighter returned to the York Hall and featured the first outing for the light middleweight division. Among the contestants were former British champion Neil Sinclair and former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce. The tournament also featured former middleweight semi finalist Danny Butler, Midlands Area champion Martin Concepcion, unbeaten boxers Steve O'Meara and Brett Flournoy as well as George Hillyard and Prince Arron.[25]

In a tournament that proved difficult to predict, Droylsden boxer Prince Arron scored an upset win after beating Hillyard in the quarter final, Pryce in the semis and then knocking down the unbeaten former ABA champion Flournoy in the final.[26]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 George Hillyard  
 Prince Arron  U-PTS  
 Prince Arron  U-PTS
     Bradley Pryce    
 Neil Sinclair  
 Bradley Pryce  SD  
 Prince Arron  U-PTS
   Brett Flournoy  
 Brett Flournoy  U-PTS
 Danny Butler    
 Brett Flournoy  SD
     Steve O'Meara    
 Martin Concepcion  
 Steve O'Meara  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 11: The Cruiserweights II[edit]

On 30 April 2010, Prizefighter was at the York Hall once again and featured the second outing for the cruiserweight division. The main contender was two-time WBO world heavyweight champion Herbie Hide. Also in contention were former Commonwealth champion Darren Corbett and unbeaten prospect Jon-Lewis Dickinson. The tournament also featured former English heavyweight champion Mark Krence as well as novices Leon Williams, Zahid Kahut, John Anthony and Wayne Brooks.

Hide comfortably won his quarter-final against Brooks but suffered a cut after a clash of heads in the bout. He was forced to withdraw and was replaced by reserve Nick Okoth, a firefighter, who at been at work earlier in the day. He won a coin toss against Preston's Paul Morris to replace Hide. Journeyman Okoth, who had a record of 8-27-5 going into the tournament, pulled off the biggest win of his career with a UD victory against Corbett and faced Dickinson in the final who had knocked out Krence in his semi final bout. Dickinson dominated the final and knocked out Okoth in the final round to take the trophy and £32,000 cash prize.[27]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Mark Krence  U-PTS
 Zahid Kahut    
 Mark Krence  
     Jon-Lewis Dickinson  RTD  
 Leon Williams  
 Jon-Lewis Dickinson  SD  
 Jon-Lewis Dickinson  KO
   Nick Okoth  
 John Anthony  
 Darren Corbett  U-PTS  
 Darren Corbett  
     Nick Okoth  U-PTS  
 Wayne Brooks  
 Herbie Hide  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 12: The Super Bantamweights[edit]

On 29 May 2010, Prizefighter was at the York Hall once again and featured the first outing for the super-bantamweight division. The original line-up included former WBC world bantamweight champion Wayne McCullough, former British, Commonwealth and European champion Esham Pickering, former English champion Mark Moran and unbeaten prospects Craig Lyon and Ricky Owen. Josh Wale, Chris Riley and Gavin Reid completed the line up. McCullough, Lyon and Riley withdrew in the weeks leading up to the tournament and were replaced by 2002 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jamie Arthur, undefeated Irishman Willie Casey, and Robbie Turley.

The opening bout between Moran and Casey was the only one to finish inside the distance. The remaining quarter-finals were all decided on split decisions with Pickering being the main casualty, being defeated by Josh Wale. In the semi-finals, Casey defeated Wale in a thrilling contest in which 532 punches were thrown in just three rounds. Owen maintained his unbeaten record with a victory over Jamie Arthur, however he was unable to progress to the final after injuries sustained in the fight. He was forced to withdraw and was replaced by young Paul McElhinney, a Scotsman who was undefeated in four fights and won a coin toss against Slough's Ian Bailey to replace Owen. Despite having already fought two bouts Casey was able to win the final by unanimous decision.[28]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Mark Moran  
 Willie Casey  TKO  
 Willie Casey  SD
     Josh Wale    
 Esham Pickering  
 Josh Wale  SD  
 Willie Casey  U-PTS
   Paul McElhinney  
 Robbie Turley  
 Jamie Arthur  SD  
 Jamie Arthur  
     Ricky Owen  U-PTS  
 Gavin Reid  
 Ricky Owen  SD  

Prizefighter 13: The Super Middleweights[edit]

On 30 June 2010, the first ever super middleweights Prizefighter took place in York Hall, London. The original line up featured former British champions Tony Dodson and Tony Quigley, former English champion Paul David, former BBofC Celtic champion Stevie McGuire, former British Masters champion Eddie McIntosh, as well as Daniel Cadman and Peter Fedorenko. For the first time, it was decided that the eighth competitor would be decided by an online public vote. The winner of the vote was former BBofC Southern Area champion Tony Salam. In the buildup to the event, Dodson, McGuire, Quigley and Salam all withdrew, and were replaced by Gambia-born Patrick Mendy, who at 19 years old was the youngest ever Prizefighter contender, former Midlands Area champion Sam Horton, former Western Area champion Carl Drake, and unbeaten Welshman Jeff Evans.

Mendy was the eventual winner of the tournament, breaking the record for fastest Prizefighter knockout when he defeated Sam Horton after 82 seconds, and then became the youngest Prizefighter winner as well as competitor when he defeated Paul David in the final.[29]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Sam Horton  
 Patrick Mendy  TKO  
 Patrick Mendy  U-PTS
     Daniel Cadman    
 Daniel Cadman  U-PTS
 Eddie McIntosh    
 Patrick Mendy  U-PTS
   Paul David  
 Jeff Evans  SD
 Peter Fedorenko    
 Jeff Evans  
     Paul David  U-PTS  
 Carl Drake  
 Paul David  KO  

Prizefighter 14: The Heavyweights IV[edit]

On 9 October 2010, the York Hall played host to the fourth outing for the heavyweights as part of the Prizefighter series. Contestants taking part included the former British, European and Commonwealth champion Matt Skelton and the former British and Commonwealth champion Michael Sprott. Other boxers taking part included Kevin McBride, the last man to beat Mike Tyson, Franklin Egobi, Ali Adams, Shane McPhilbin, Declan Timlin and Danny Hughes. The tournament was won by Sprott who beat Danny Hughes in the quarter finals, Shane McPhilbin in the semis and Matt Skelton in the final. The fight against Skelton in particular was notable for Sprott in that it was the third time the two had met in the ring with Skelton having won the previous two fights. Sprott himself was also coming into the tournament on the back of a defeat in a European title challenge to Audley Harrison, the winner of the previous Prizefighter tournament featuring heavyweights.[30][31]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Ali Adams  
 Matt Skelton  U-PTS  
 Matt Skelton  U-PTS
     Kevin McBride    
 Kevin McBride  U-PTS
 Franklin Egobi    
 Matt Skelton  
   Michael Sprott  U-PTS
 Shane McPhilbin  RSF
 Declan Timlin    
 Shane McPhilbin  
     Michael Sprott  U-PTS  
 Danny Hughes  
 Michael Sprott  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 15: The Super Featherweights[edit]

On 21 November 2010, again at the York Hall, the 15th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased boxers from the super featherweight division for the first time. Contestants taking part included the reigning British champion Gary Sykes and a former British and European title challenger in Gary Buckland. Ben Murphy and Gary McArthur had both previously contested the lightweight installment of the Prizefighter tournament on 24 March 2009.[15] Choi Tseveenpurev, the WBU title holder, Derry Mathews, the former WBU title holder, Stevie Bell and Scott Lawton made up the rest of the competitors.

The competition resulted in a win for Gary Buckland who met Derry Mathews in the final and scoring a 2nd round KO over the Liverpool man. Buckland had fought his way to the final beating the likes of Stevie Bell in the quarters and Gary Sykes in the semis. The win over Sykes in particular was notable in that the reigning British champion had chosen to competed in the tournament only to suffer a shock 1st round knockout.[32][33]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Stevie Bell  
 Gary Buckland  U-PTS  
 Gary Buckland  KO
     Gary Sykes    
 Gary Sykes  U-PTS
 Scott Lawton    
 Gary Buckland  KO
   Derry Mathews  
 Choi Tseveenpurev  U-PTS
 Ben Murphy    
 Choi Tseveenpurev  
     Derry Mathews  U-PTS  
 Gary McArthur  
 Derry Mathews  KO  

Prizefighter 16: The Light Heavyweights II[edit]

On 29 January 2011, at the Olympia, London, the 16th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased boxers from the light heavyweight division for the second time. Former British champion Tony Dodson was the biggest name involved.

The winner of the tournament was Travis Dickinson, whose brother Jon-Lewis Dickinson won Prizefighter at cruiserweight in April 2010. Dickinson beat Llewellyn Davies, Justin Jones and Sam Couzens to win the title - Jones and Couzens stepping in as reserves after the withdrawals of Dodson and Jack Morris due to injury.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Billy Slate  
 Jack Morris  SD  
 Justin Jones  
     Travis Dickinson  U-PTS  
 Travis Dickinson  U-PTS
 Llewellyn Davies    
 Travis Dickinson  KO
   Tony Dodson  
 Tony Dodson  U-PTS
 Michael Banbula    
 Tony Dodson  KO
     Menay Edwards    
 Joe Smyth  
 Menay Edwards  TKO  

Prizefighter 17: The Super Middleweights II[edit]

The second version of the super middleweight tournament took place in Liverpool on 23 March 2011 and saw a hometown winner in Rocky Fielding.[34] Fielding became the first man to win the tournament by scoring three stoppages in a row beating the likes of Patrick J Maxwell (stoppage in the 2nd), Joe Ainscough (stoppage in the 1st) and Tobias Webb (stoppage in the 1st).[35][36]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Patrick J Maxwell  
 Rocky Fielding  TKO 2  
 Rocky Fielding  TKO 1
     Joe Ainscough    
 Joe Ainscough  SD
 Wayne Reed    
 Rocky Fielding  RTD 1
   Tobias Webb  
 Tobias Webb  U-PTS
 Robin Reid    
 Tobias Webb  U-PTS
     Jahmaine Smyle    
 Carl Dilks  
 Jahmaine Smyle  SD  

Prizefighter 18: The International Heavyweights[edit]

On 7 May 2011, at Alexandra Palace, London, the 18th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased an international field of boxers from heavyweight division for the first time.

The winner of the tournament was Mike Perez. Perez beat Kerston Manswell, Gregory Tony and Tye Fields to win the title - dispatching both opponents in the semi-final and final, Tony and Fields respectively, by first round stoppage.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Mike Perez  U-PTS
 Kerston Manswell    
 Mike Perez  TKO 1
     Gregory Tony    
 Gregory Tony  SD
 Evgeny Orlov    
 Mike Perez  TKO 1
   Tye Fields  
 Tye Fields  SD
 Michael Sprott    
 Tye Fields  TKO 1
     Konstantin Airich    
 Lucian Bot  
 Konstantin Airich  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 19: The Welterweights II[edit]

On 7 June 2011, at York Hall, Bethnal Green, the 19th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of boxers from the welterweight division for the second time that included former world champion Junior Witter.

Moroccan fighter Yassine El maachi won the tournament, beating Peter McDonagh, Colin Lynes and pre-tournament favourite Junior Witter by unanimous, split and majority decisions respectively to claim the Prizefighter trophy.[37]

El Maachi suffered a serious knee injury and has not boxed since.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Kevin McIntyre  U-PTS
 John-Wayne Hibbert    
 Kevin McIntyre  
     Junior Witter  U-PTS  
 Junior Witter  U-PTS
 Nathan Graham    
 Junior Witter  
   Yassine El maachi  MD
 Bobby Gladman  
 Colin Lynes  U-PTS  
 Colin Lynes  
     Yassine El maachi  SD  
 Peter McDonagh  
 Yassine El maachi  U-PTS  

Prizefighter 20: The Light Middleweights II[edit]

On 15 September 2011, at York Hall, Bethnal Green, the 20th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of boxers from the light middleweight division.

Robert Lloyd-Taylor won the tournament, beating Takaloo by split decision in the quarter-finals, Peter Vaughan by TKO 15 seconds from the end of the semi-final and earned a unanimous points victory over Liverpudlian Nick Quigley in the final.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Robert Lloyd-Taylor  SD
 Robert Lloyd-Taylor  TKO3
     Peter Vaughan    
 Wayne Goddard  
 Peter Vaughan  SD  
 Robert Lloyd-Taylor  U-PTS
   Nick Quigley  
 Jeff Thomas  
 Kris Agyei-Dua  D^  
 Kris Agyei-Dua  
     Nick Quigley  U-PTS  
 Steve Harkin  
 Nick Quigley  U-PTS  

^ Kris Agyei-Dua won 29-28 on referee Terry O'Connor's card after the judges scored the contest a majority draw.

Prizefighter 21: The Super Flyweights[edit]

On 12 October 2011, at the Liverpool Olympia, the 21st installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of boxers from the super flyweight division for the first time.

Lee Haskins won the tournament, getting through all his fights by unanimous decision. He beat Terry Broadbent in the quarter-final, Ryan Farrag in the semi-final and overcame Don Broadhurst in the final.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Don Broadhurst  U-PTS
 Usman Ahmed    
 Don Broadhurst  SD
     Mike Robinson    
 Mike Robinson  U-PTS
 Nathan Reeve    
 Don Broadhurst  
   Lee Haskins  U-PTS
 Lee Haskins  U-PTS
 Terry Broadbent    
 Lee Haskins  U-PTS
     Ryan Farrag    
 Ryan Farrag  U-PTS
 Craig Lyon    

Prizefighter 22: The Featherweights[edit]

On 29 October 2011, at York Hall, Bethnal Green, the 22nd installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased another weight division first, this time it was a field of boxers from the featherweight division.

Mongolian veteran Choi Tseveenpurev won the tournament, with the fan-favorite beating Lee Glover in the quarter-final with a second round KO, before eliminating George Jupp in the semi-final and overcoming Welshman Rhys Roberts in the final.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Choi Tseveenpurev  KO2
 Lee Glover    
 Choi Tseveenpurev  U-PTS
     George Jupp    
 George Jupp  TKO2
 Lee Jennings    
 Choi Tseveenpurev  U-PTS
   Rhys Roberts  
 Rhys Roberts  U-PTS
 Ian Bailey    
 Rhys Roberts  U-PTS
     Troy James    
 Troy James  U-PTS
 Barrington Brown    

Prizefighter 23: The Light Welterweights II[edit]

On 11 February 2012, at Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, the 23rd installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased fighters from the light-welterweight division for the second time.

Rising star Adil Anwar won the tournament, winning all three of his fights by unanimous decision. Anwar beat Barry Morrison in the quarter-final, before eliminating the heavily supported John Watson in the semi-final and overcame a spirited effort from Tyrone Nurse in the final to lift the Prizefighter trophy.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Young Mutley  SD
 Mark Lloyd    
 Young Mutley  
     Tyrone Nurse  U-PTS  
 Tyrone Nurse  TKO3
 Dale Miles    
 Tyrone Nurse  
   Adil Anwar  U-PTS
 Adil Anwar  U-PTS
 Barry Morrison    
 Adil Anwar  U-PTS
     John Watson    
 John Watson  TKO1
 Dean Harrison    

Prizefighter 24: All-Irish Middleweights[edit]

On 5 May 2012, the Prizefighter series went to Belfast for the first time. At the King's Hall, Belfast, the 24th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased Irish fighters from the middleweight division. It was the first Prizefighter event that Betfair were title sponsors.

Former amateur star Eamonn O'Kane won the tournament to the crowd's delight. He beat Anthony Fitzgerald by split decision in the quarter-final, before eliminating Ryan Greene in the semi-final with a brutal first round knockout and overcame the long reach of JJ McDonagh in the final to take home the £32,000 winners cheque.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Eamonn O'Kane  SD
 Anthony Fitzgerald    
 Eamonn O'Kane  TKO1
     Ryan Greene    
 Ryan Greene  U-PTS
 Ciaran Healy    
 Eamonn O'Kane  U-PTS
   JJ McDonagh  
 JJ McDonagh  U-PTS
 Darren Cruise    
 JJ McDonagh  U-PTS
     Joe Rea    
 Joe Rea  U-PTS
 Simon O'Donnell    

Prizefighter 25: The International Heavyweights II[edit]

On 20 June 2012, at York Hall, Bethnal Green, the 25th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased an international field of fighters from the heavyweight division for the second time. In a first for Prizefighter, grime star Clement Marfo performed his single 'Champion' in the ring before the action begun.[38]

American Tor Hamer shocked the bookies when he beat the pre-tournament favorite, the fast talking fellow yank Kevin Johnson, in the final to win the £32,000. Hamer, who holds a university degree, had beaten the Brazilian big hitter Marcelo Luis Nascimento in the quarters and the Englishman Tom Dallas in the semis to reach the last two.[39]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Albert Sosnowski  SD
 Maurice Harris    
 Albert Sosnowski  
     Kevin Johnson  SD  
 Kevin Johnson  TKO1
 Noureddine Meddoune    
 Kevin Johnson  
   Tor Hamer  U-PTS
 Tor Hamer  U-PTS
 Marcelo Luis Nascimento    
 Tor Hamer  TKO1
     Tom Dallas    
 Tom Dallas  TKO3
 Tom Little    

Prizefighter 26: The Lightweights II[edit]

On 6 October 2012, at Liverpool Olympia, the 26th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased field of Liverpudlian and Mancunian fighters from the lightweight division. Dubbed 'Rocky and the Betfair Prizefighters', previous Prizefighter winner Rocky Fielding took on Carl Dilks for the vacant English super-middleweight title after the Prizefighter tournament. The eight man line-up was described by many in the build-up as the best ever and included former British title holders Derry Mathews, Gary Sykes and Anthony Crolla.[40]

Mancunian Terry Flannigan defied the odds to maintain his unbeaten record and win the coveted Betfair Prizefighter trophy. Flannigan, a 10-1 shot at the start of the night, claimed the £32,000 winner’s cheque with a split decision victory over Gary Sykes in the final, having overcome Patrick Liam Walsh in his quarter-final and a bloodied Derry Mathews in the semi-final.[41]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Derry Mathews  U-PTS
 Jamie Spence    
 Derry Mathews  
     Terry Flannigan  U-PTS  
 Terry Flannigan  U-PTS
 Liam Patrick Walsh    
 Terry Flannigan  SD
   Gary Sykes  
 Anthony Crolla  U-PTS
 Stephen Jennings    
 Anthony Crolla  
     Gary Sykes  SD  
 Gary Sykes  U-PTS
 Tommy Coyle    

Prizefighter 27: The Light Middleweights III[edit]

On 3 November 2012, at York Hall, Bethnal Green, the 27th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of fighters from the light middleweight division. The eight participants were: Craig McEwan 21(10)-2, Navid Mansouri 8(3)-0-1, Curtis Valentine 5(4)-2, Terry Carruthers 11(1)-13-6, Kris Carslaw 16(4)-2, Ryan Toms 11(6)-3-1, Larry Ekundayo 2(1)-0 and Peter Vaughan 6(1)-1-1.[42]

In the buildup to the competition promoter Eddie Hearn announced that he had added a new knockout bonus, with £2,000 handed out for every stoppage on the night. "I think the new knockout bonus will make things very interesting," said Hearn. "The last Prizefighter in Liverpool was a cracker but we didn't have one stoppage or KO in the event. It's what the fans want to see and with this incentive, I believe the fighters will be more inclined to get their opponent out of there before the final bell."[43]

Local fighter Larry Ekundayo, coming into the competition with only two fight's experience, defied the odds to win the coveted Betfair Prizefighter trophy. Ekundayo, who became his manager Spencer Fearon's second Prizefighter champ after Choi won last year, claimed the £32,000 winner’s cheque plus a £2,000 KO bonus with a stoppage victory over Terry Carruthers in the final. He had previously beaten two Scot's to get there with a win over the pre-tournament favourite, Craig McEwan, in the opening quarter-final and Kris Carslaw in the semi.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Larry Ekundayo  SD
 Craig McEwan    
 Larry Ekundayo  SD
     Kris Carslaw    
 Kris Carslaw  SD
 Ryan Toms    
 Larry Ekundayo  TKO3
   Terry Carruthers  
 Terry Carruthers  UD
 Peter Vaughan    
 Terry Carruthers  SD
     Navid Mansouri    
 Navid Mansouri  SD
 Curtis Valentine    

Prizefighter 28: The Welterweights III[edit]

On 19 January 2013, at the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, the 28th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of fighters from the welterweight division. The tournament saw the greatest number of unbeaten fighters enter, with six men starting the night with their '0' intact. The eight participants were: Mark Thompson 24(14)-2, Rob Hunt 16(1)-1-2, Sam Eggington 3(0)-0, Dale Evans 4(3)-0-1, Chad Gaynor 9(4)-0, Calum Cooper 4(0)-0, Steven Pearce 6(1)-0 and Glenn Foot 7(4)-0.[44]

Sunderland fighter Glenn Foot maintained his unbeaten record to win the new-look Betfair Prizefighter trophy. Foot claimed the £32,000 winner’s cheque as well as the £2,000 stoppage bonus the 24-year-old earned after a second round TKO victory over Steven Pearce in the quarter-final. Foot overcome Chad Gaynor in an absorbing semi-final contest before edging out Welsh 21-year-old Dale Evans in the final.[45]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Mark Thompson  TKO3
 Rob Hunt    
 Mark Thompson  
     Dales Evans  UD  
 Dale Evans  UD
 Sam Eggington    
 Dale Evans  
   Glenn Foot  SD
 Chad Gaynor  TKO1
 Calum Cooper    
 Chad Gaynor  
     Glenn Foot  UD  
 Glenn Foot  TKO2
 Steven Pearce    

Prizefighter 29: The International Heavyweights III[edit]

On 23 February 2013, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, the 29th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased an international field of eight heavyweight fighters from five different countries.

The tournament saw two fighters hoping to become second time Prizefighter champions, Audley Harrison and Martin Rogan. The other six participants were: Derric Rossy, Ian Lewison, Travis Walker, Albert Sosnowski, Claus Bertino and Timo Hoffmann.

Audley Harrison, 2000 Olympics gold medalist, rolled back the years to become the first ever two-time Prizefighter champion and win the new-look Betfair Prizefighter trophy. He claimed the £32,000 winner’s cheque as well as £4,000 in stoppage bonuses the 41-year-old earned after TKO victories in the quarter-final and the final. Harrison overcome Martin Rogan, keeping the Belfast fighter at the end of his jab, in an absorbing semi-final contest before stopping American Derric Rossy in the second round of the final.[46]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 United Kingdom Martin Rogan  TKO 3
 Poland Albert Sosnowski    
 United Kingdom Martin Rogan  
     United Kingdom Audley Harrison  UD  
 United Kingdom Audley Harrison  TKO 1
 Denmark Claus Bertino    
 United Kingdom Audley Harrison  TKO 2
   United States Derric Rossy  
 United Kingdom Ian Lewison  TKO 1
 Germany Timo Hoffmann    
 United Kingdom Ian Lewison  
     United States Derric Rossy  SD  
 United States Derric Rossy  SD
 United States Travis Walker    

Prizefighter 30: The Cruiserweights III[edit]

On 18 May 2013, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, the 30th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of eight Cruiserweight fighters from the UK.

The tournament saw one of the most inexperienced fields seen in Prizefighter. Danny McIntosh (13-4), coming down from light-heavyweight, with 17 bouts on his record was the veteran of the group. The other six participants were: Wadi Camacho (6-1), Conall Carmichael (4-0), Tony Conquest (10-1), Neil Dawson (11-1), Shane McPhilbin (8-6), Nathan Owens (5-0-1) and Hari Miles (7-7).

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Wadi Camacho  UD
  Martyn Grainger    
  Wadi Camacho  UD
      Nathan Owens    
  Nathan Owens  SD
  Shane McPhilbin    
  Wadi Camacho  KO 2
    Hari Miles  
  Hari Miles  UD
  Conall Carmichael    
  Hari Miles  UD
      Danny McIntosh    
  Danny McIntosh  UD
  Neil Dawson    

Prizefighter 31: The Light Welterweights III[edit]

On 6 July 2013, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, the 31st installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of eight light-welterweight fighters from the UK.

The tournament saw an almost exclusive field of London-based fighters take part in this edition of Prizefighter. Eventual winner, Welshman Chris Jenkins (7-0), came in to replace injured Chris Evangelou to buck the cockney trend. The other seven participants were: Southern Area champ Danny Connor (8-5-1), Southern Area lightweight belt holder Liam Shinkwin (6-0-1), Charlie Rice (6-0), Ryan Taylor (7-1-1), Matty Tew (12-1), Eren Arif (3-0) and Tony Owen (14-1).

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Danny Connor  UD
  Charlie Rice    
  Danny Connor  UD
      Ryan Taylor    
  Ryan Taylor  UD
  Matty Tew    
  Danny Connor  
    Chris Jenkins  TKO 2
  Eren Arif  UD
  Liam Shinkwin    
  Eren Arif  
      Chris Jenkins  UD  
  Chris Jenkins  UD
  Tony Owen    

Prizefighter 32: UK vs. USA International Heavyweights[edit]

On 14 November 2013, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, the 32nd installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of eight heavyweight fighters from the UK and the USA.

The tournament saw a field of eight fighters, four from the UK and four from the USA, take part in this special edition of Prizefighter.

Former Prizefighter finalist Michael Sprott was joined by Hackney’s Larry Olubamiwo, Milton Keynes’ Matt Legg and Hertfordshire’s Tom Little in Team UK, who faced up to a Team USA boasting former three-weight World Champion James Toney in its ranks. Toney was joined in the US quartet by Californian Damian Wills, former World Cruiserweight challenger Brian Minto and Florida’s Jason Gavern.

In the Prizefighter prospect slots, Olympic Gold medal hero Anthony Joshua MBE fought Croatian Hrvoje Kisicek in his third pro fight while Cruiserweight prospect Ben Ileyemi clashed with Moses Matovu in his second pro outing.

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Jason Gavern  UD
  Larry Olubamiwo    
  Jason Gavern  MD
      James Toney    
  James Toney  TKO 3
  Matt Legg    
  Jason Gavern  
    Michael Sprott  UD
  Michael Sprott  UD
  Damian Wills    
  Michael Sprott  UD
      Brian Minto    
  Brian Minto  SD
  Tom Little    

Prizefighter 33: The Welterweights IV[edit]

On 5 April 2014, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, the 33rd installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of eight welterweight fighters from the UK.

The tournament competitors were: Dean Byrne (17-3-1), Jason Cook (30-5-1), Johnny Coyle (3-0-1), Mark Douglas (8-3), Sam Eggington (8-1), Paddy Gallagher (4-0), Johnny Garton (11-0) and Erick Ochieng (14-0).

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Erick Ochieng  UD
  Paddy Gallagher    
  Paddy Gallagher  TKO 1
      Mark Douglas    
  Mark Douglas  UD
  Dean Byrne    
  Paddy Gallagher  
    Johnny Coyle  UD
  Sam Eggington  TKO 2
  Johnny Garton    
  Sam Eggington  
      Johnny Coyle  SD  
  Johnny Coyle  UD
  Jason Cook    

Prizefighter 34: The Middleweights III[edit]

On 14 February 2015, at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, the 34th installment of the Prizefighter competition showcased a field of eight middleweight fighters from the UK.

The tournament competitors were: Jack Arnfield (17-0), Liam Conroy (7-2-0), Luke Crowcroft (8-1), Craig Cunningham (11-0), Tom Doran (11-0), Mick Hall (11-0), Luke Keeler (7-0) and Cello Renda (25-10-2) .

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
  Cello Renda  TKO 1
  Liam Conroy    
  Cello Renda  SD
      Jack Arnfield    
  Jack Arnfield  SD
  Mick Hall    
  Cello Renda  
    Tom Doran  TKO 3
  Luke Keeler  UD
  Luke Crowcoft    
  Luke Keeler  
      Tom Doran  UD  
  Tom Doran  UD
  Craig Cunningham    

Tournament summary[edit]

Tournament Date Venue Weight Category Winner Runner-Up
11 April 2008 York Hall, Bethnal Green Heavyweight Martin Rogan David Dolan
12 September 2008 Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle Heavyweight Sam Sexton Chris Burton
24 October 2008 York Hall, Bethnal Green Welterweight Michael Lomax Ted Bami
21 November 2008 York Hall, Bethnal Green Middleweight Martin Murray Cello Renda
20 February 2009 York Hall, Bethnal Green Light heavyweight Tony Oakey Darren Stubbs
24 March 2009 Kelvin Hall, Glasgow Lightweight Ryan Brawley Stephen Burke
19 May 2009 Earls Court, London Cruiserweight Ovill McKenzie John Keeton
2 October 2009 ExCeL, London Heavyweight Audley Harrison Coleman Barrett
4 December 2009 Olympia, London Light welterweight Gavin Rees Colin Lynes
26 February 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Light middleweight Prince Arron Brett Flournoy
30 April 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Cruiserweight Jon-Lewis Dickinson Nick Okoth
29 May 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Super bantamweight Willie Casey Paul McElhinney
30 June 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Super middleweight Patrick Mendy Paul David
9 October 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Heavyweight Michael Sprott Matt Skelton
21 November 2010 York Hall, Bethnal Green Super featherweight Gary Buckland Derry Mathews
29 January 2011 Olympia, London Light heavyweight Travis Dickinson Sam Couzens
23 March 2011 Olympia, Liverpool Super middleweight Rocky Fielding Tobias Webb
7 May 2011 Alexandra Palace, London International Heavyweight Mike Perez Tye Fields
7 June 2011 York Hall, Bethnal Green Welterweight Yassine El maachi Junior Witter
15 September 2011 York Hall, Bethnal Green Light middleweight Robert Lloyd-Taylor Nick Quigley
12 October 2011 Olympia, Liverpool Super flyweight Lee Haskins Don Broadhurst
29 October 2011 York Hall, Bethnal Green Featherweight Choi Tseveenpurev Rhys Roberts
11 February 2012 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton Light welterweight Adil Anwar Tyrone Nurse
5 May 2012 Kings Hall, Belfast Irish Middleweight Eamonn O'Kane JJ McDonagh
20 June 2012 York Hall, Bethnal Green International Heavyweight Tor Hamer Kevin Johnson
6 October 2012 Olympia, Liverpool Lightweight Terry Flannigan Gary Sykes
3 November 2012 York Hall, Bethnal Green Light middleweight Larry Ekundayo Terry Carruthers
19 January 2013 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton Welterweight Glenn Foot Dale Evans
23 February 2013 York Hall, Bethnal Green International Heavyweight Audley Harrison Derric Rossy
18 May 2013 York Hall, Bethnal Green Cruiserweight Wadi Camacho Hari Miles
6 July 2013 York Hall, Bethnal Green Welterweight Chris Jenkins Danny Connor
14 November 2013 York Hall, Bethnal Green UK vs USA Heavyweight Michael Sprott Jason Gavern
5 April 2014 York Hall, Bethnal Green Welterweight Johnny Coyle Paddy Gallagher
14 February 2015 Winter Gardens, Blackpool Middleweight Tom Doran Cello Renda


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