Prizrak Brigade

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Prizrak Brigade
Бригада «Призрак» meaning "Ghost Brigade"
Flag of the Ghost Brigade.svg
Service sleeve insignia of the Prizrak Battalion
ActiveSince April 2014
Allegiance Novorossiya
TypeSeparatist group
RoleMotorized brigade
SizeAbout 3,000 troops[1]
Part of United Armed Forces of Novorossiya
Nickname(s)Ghost Brigade
Yuri Shevchenko
Deputy commanderAleksey Markov
Aleksey Mozgovoy

The Prizrak Brigade (in Russian Бригада «Призрак») meaning "Ghost Brigade" commanded by Aleksey Mozgovoy, is an infantry unit of the Lugansk People's Republic. The full name of the Brigade is Mechanized Brigade Prizrak.


The unit was established in late 2014 after anti-Maidan protesters occupied the RSA buildings in Luhansk. It began as a platoon sized unit, but in August 2014 it became a battalion as the number of fighters grew to 1,000.[2] The commander of the Brigade Aleksey Mozgovoy claimed in late December 2014 to have up to 3,000 fighters.[1] Mozgovoi was killed in an IED and gun attack 23 May 2015 along with a number of his bodyguards[3] although survived a similar ambush 2 months prior to his death. A supposed covert Ukrainian military unit named "shadows" claimed both attacks however the two incidents appears to be their only active engagements throughout the conflict which fuelled a number of theories including Russian involvement.

The stated goal of Prizrak is to be both a military combat unit as well as socialist political organisation which would make them the only military unit operating within the structures of the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donbass People's Republic that have a dual objective. Membership of Prizrak comprises primarily of east Ukrainians and Russian nationals however due to their political ethos the unit does draw in a number of western nationals from Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil, and the UK. Primary military activities include battlefield reconnaissance, sabotage, covert assault and other intelligence activities. Political activities include promotion of socialist policy, electoral promotion activities and social care projects primarily in Luhansk.

Notable military operations[edit]

In the Battle of Debaltseve Prizrak units conducted reconnaissance missions which included landmine clearance for main assault forces corrective artillery information and anti armour activities.

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