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Pro-Indonesia militias (also pro-Indonesian militias) were East Timorese paramilitary militia groups that formed to show loyalty to the Indonesian government during the movement for East Timorese independence in the late 1990s. Many[who?] believed that the independence movement would be unsuccessful, and that those loyal to Indonesia would be rewarded when they regained control of the area. Most of the worst acts of the period, including the Liquiçá Church Massacre, were committed by these East Timorese groups, albeit often with support of the Indonesian military.[citation needed] Eurico Guterres was the most famous member of these groups.

Fictional representations of these groups, their members, actions and atrocities were shown in the 2006 Australian Miniseries Answered by Fire.

Militia groups included Aitarak, Besi Merah Putih, Laksaur, and Mahidi.