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Pro-Jerusalem Society was a society established in 1918 in Jerusalem. It was founded by Sir Ronald Storrs, the military governor of Jerusalem, and Charles Robert Ashbee, an architect and leading designer of the Arts and Crafts Movement.[1]

The goal of the society was "the protection of and the addition to the amenities of Jerusalem and its neighbourhood," including general public works, the preservation of antiquities, the establishment of museums, and the encouragement of handicrafts.

Trustees of the society included the Arab Mayor of Jerusalem, the Grand Mufti, the Orthodox Patriarch, the Latin (Catholic) Patriarch and Armenian Patriarch, the Anglican Bishop, the Chief Rabbi, and the President of the Jewish Agency.[2]

While Governor of Jerusalem, Storrs devoted much of his time and effort to Pro-Jerusalem, for which he raised considerable funds during his leave in Egypt, the United Kingdom, and the United States.[3]


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