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Not to be confused with Projekt or Project Pitchfork
Pro-jekt at Bloodstock 2005.jpg
Background information
Origin United Kingdom
Genres electronic music, rock music, gothic metal
Years active 2000–present
Labels Nightbreed Recordings, Pure Power Recordings
Members Mick Witham
Phil May
Kevin 'Kaptain Kev' Rice
Alistair Middleton

Pro-jekt are a band, and they also sometimes describe themselves as Gothic metal.[1] It has also been said that they have a darkwave sound.[2] They were formed in January 2000, in Derbyshire, England. They engineered and financed their own demo album, and later signed to Nightbreed Recordings Ltd, in Aug 2001. Pro-jekt released their debut album on Nightbreed Recordings in April 2002. On the live circuit the band played over 90 performances, including touring with Mortiis and The Last Rites. In 2003 Pro-jekt completed a full UK Tour and held live dates in Italy, Belgium and France.

After completing the massive 20 date "Evilution Tour" at Fibbers in York at the end of 2003 the band regrouped back in Derbyshire to start recording the next studio album. However, Shaun Travis was taken ill, and in February 2004, it was mutually decided that Shaun should leave the band.

In July of that year, Pro-jekt signed a new singer, Mick Witham, to lead the band. He quickly got involved in rehearsals, and Pro-jekt then featured in the UK Grudge tour, supporting Mortiis. They have toured as part of 'The Unholy Trinity' appeared at the Carnival of Souls along with an appearance in front of a sell out crowd at the Lumous Festival in Finland. A song by Pro-jekt also featured on Project Gotham Racing 3.[3]

The band was originally going to be called 'Projekt' but were threatened legal action from Projekt Records, and so instead placed the dash in their name.[2]


Current members[edit]

  • Mick Witham - Vocals
  • Phil May - Guitars
  • Alistair Middleton - Synths, Programming


  • Shaun Travis - Vocals[3]
  • kevin rice - bass



  • Encryption (2002)
  • Defiance (2006) [3]
  • Reign of scars (album) 2009 import.
  • Detonation EP 2010 (3 tracks)

Other releases[edit]

Pro-jekt have also released a DVD, called Evilution. It features two music videos, and a recorded live show.[4] Also, they have released an EP called Mean Times EP, and appeared on five compilation albums, in the form of Sick Twisted Individual Volume 1, The Gothic Sounds of Nightbreed 4, Kill Your Management Volume 5, Dark Salvation Volume 1 and Sick Twisted Individual Volume 2.[5]

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